Pink Trailer: A Fanmade Written RWBY Trailer

Pink Trailer: A Fanmade Written RWBY Trailer

Since I have no animating skills whatsoever, I decided it'd be a unique way making one of my characters come true. This is Peak from Team PWNN

published on July 28, 201613 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Author's Note

Author's Note

Hello everyone! I'm Animgame, if you didn't know that already. You may skip this part if you really really want to.
You stayed? Awesome!
Peak is a fanmade OC for the Rooster Teeth series "RWBY." He was born in Atlas, pursued being a Huntsman, and eventually got "Prototype Enhance and Keep Strength" robotic hands to replace his original hands. You can call it "PEAKS" for short. "PEAKS" uses flame dust (or red dust, if you will) to launch a powerful attack of his choice. This is his trailer based on his combat moves and personality.

Hope you enjoy!

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