City of Fear

City of Fear

A great nation, trampled, and now beaten, is the foundation for a new government. The tyrants who have conquered this great nation rule it with a new invention: and it's up to a small band of rebels to stop it. (This is an ongoing series of chapters that release every week!)

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Chapter 1.


        The great nation of Handiov, ruled by pure democracy, was invaded by the tyrants of the north: the Fearists. They had a powerful ally in the name of science. They had a discovery no one else had been able to analyze and reproduce. The Fearists weapon was the Nyxon Gas. Nyxon Gas was a combination of multiple man-made substances that induces fear into the human brain once inhaled. This was great on the battlefield, as Handiov's own soldiers would turn against each other because of the hallucinations caused by the toxin. The war ended in a month; Handiov's population was now 40,000 instead of 1,000,000.

        Once the tyrants known as the Fearists defeated the government, they established a Dictatorship. The ruler, named Kento, ruled the land with an iron fist, threatening those who broke the law with the Nyxon Gas. Everyone obeyed for two years. They had a schedule: wake up, eat, go to work for the government, go home, eat, and sleep. It was a tiresome process and many people died because of the hardships they faced working for Kento.

        After two years of Kento's rule, two twins, a boy and a girl, are born. Little does Kento know: these kids would form a rebellion.
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