Advice and stuff, yo (Gf/bf stuff)

Advice and stuff, yo (Gf/bf stuff)

Alright, so...
I just recently turned fifteen and I’m in ninth grade, right?
(also bi *ahem*)
I fell in love with this girl, let’s call her Kelly even though that’s no where near her real name, and I figured out that I was bi. I eventually asked Kelly out, but I was turned down. We’re still good friends now, though.
Just recently, my interest was poked around by her ex...let’s call her Taylor. At a comp for theatre was it really pushed. Taylor and I talked a lot, and she even (as a friend gesture, I’m positive of) leaned on my shoulder. Got awkward, tbh. So I didn’t think much until a few days ago. I suddenly had a desire to think about her, talk to her, and find her nearly every second in school. Heck, even now I desperately want to ask her out, despite how little she knows me. I did make sort of a “move”, I guess, on her by asking her to do a scene with me for comp. I mean, I did really need a partner for a scene (cause I’m too lonely and I just had a lot of monologes *wheeze*) and what better way of getting to know her than asking to do a pair with her? It’d be a win-win, no matter what way. I’d get to know her better and really see if I want to do it, and I get a partner. No possible way to go wrong.
She agreed, as well, and gave me her Hangouts (because she doesn’t have a phone number) so we could work it out. I felt like dropping slight hints by giving Taylor some scenes with a couple in it, or someone that had a crush on the other person. Possibly enough to show her and either get crushed, or she goes along with it.
I would like to either figure out I like her and ask her out by Valentine’s Day cause...well I kinda don’t want to be alone again. But there’s just so many ways that it could go wrong. I could realize I don’t truely like her (even though she’s /hot/ beyond belief and I am the gum at the bottom of a loser’s shoe), my best friend, who I had a former crush on, could find out about it and...maybe...hate me, I could get rejected, she could hate me...ugh. Any advice for how long to wait, what to do, etc. etc.?

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@The_Watcher is kinda right...considering u dont know Taylor well, get to know her and for her to know u. Then if u still like her then go on and ask her out. Since she knows more about u, she will then make a better decision, meaning more of a chance she'll accept.
Now about Kelly. Good friends understand each other, especially if they have some sorta link... Kelly probably won't mind since its pretty much ur choice. She'll understand if she doesn't like ur choice tho...
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on January 26, 2018
You need to first come clean with.. "Kelly" that you like her. If she doesn't like it then she isn't a very good friend. Because friendship is a bond of trust shared by two people that get along well. If she doesn't trust you then she isn't a very good friend.
Now about the girl. I think it's great that you like that girls ex. No matter who it is. It's good that you're looking for love! NEVER feel See More▼
on January 16, 2018
Wow i can't believe you said this on my 11th boofday
on March 04, 2018
I guess.... I'm not sure, really.
I'd take it a bit slow, if I were you, and get to know "Taylor" Just be yourself. Take your time and just be friends. Enjoy your the moments you have with her.
If you still don't know whether you like-like her, then just think about it. About what you think it would be like to be in a romantic relationship with her and a platonic one. Don't rush.

If you decide that you do like her, I would wait till there's about a week before Valentine's Day, See More▼
on January 23, 2018