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most creepiest dolls
Hey! Learn about the most creepiest dolls! Hope you enjoy! =^-^= =^-^= will post pics later.
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horror stories
Here are some horror stories! Hope you enjoy! =^-^= enjoy! =^-^= =^-^=
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Here you will learn about crafts! Hope you enjoy! Will add pics later!
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warrior cat medicines...
Here you learn about all of the warrior cat medicines! Hope you enjoy!
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magic spells (1)
I'm not saying all of these will work! Hope you enjoy! I DO NOT OWN THESE BTW. Also no rude comments.
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abandoned insane asylums
Learn about abandoned insane asylums! Hope you enjoy! =^-^= =^-^= =^-^=
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urban legends
I DO NOT OWN THESE! Hope you enjoy! Also you can request for me to add one if you want...I guess...
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new girl (part 4)
Hey, this is part 4, unfortunately this story is shorter than the others, and the last of this series.
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new girl (part 3)
Hey this is part 3 of new girl! Hope you enjoy this awesome story! =^-^=
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new girl (part 2)
Hey, this is the second story of new girl! I hope you enjoy this awesome story!
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new girl (1)
Drew Donovan is your average all-American boy. He does good in school, is popular with the ladies, parties every weekend. High School is his domain. Until Valery Clash comes. This goth rock girl is out of his control. And it d...
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my songs (3)
Here you can see my songs. Btw do not steal my songs! Hope you enjoy! =^-^=
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His Butler, Kissed With Midnight
Ciel is preparing for bed until he feels a sharp pain in his back; he has a bruise! being One Hell Of A Butler, Sebastian gives Ciel a massage... but it turns into something else... IF YOU DON'T LIKE YAOI OR LEMONS, THEN DON'T ...
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my rants (1)
Here I will post my rants, hope you enjoy! Btw if you want me to rant about something you can just tell me I guess...
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his butler, supremely seductive
Ciel is sleeping in late, so Sebastian uses desperate measures to wake him, but bochan is so startled by this he manages to tie himself up, completely vulnerable to the lustful demon...
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Ciel In a Kitten Outfit
Ciel is caught falling asleep again by Sebastian, so as punishment, sebby dresses him up in a kitty suit! But Sebastian is not yet satisfied by just LOOKING at Ciel...IF YOU DON'T LIKE LEMONS OR YAOI THEN DON'T READ! ALSO NO RU...
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The White, Sticky Thread Of The Spider
Ciel's birthday coming soon, and so Sebastian prepares a birthday party celebrating it! However, during the party, a certain visitor arrives and stirs up some mischief... (this was written for my friend's b-day!) oh and btw, th...
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his butler, simply irresistible
but ya, there's gonna be lots an lots of yaoi for Black Butler... enjoy ALSO NO RUDE COMMENTS. if you don't like lemons then DON'T read.
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Ciel, ever so innocent
finds himself growing more and more attracted to his devilish fiend of a butler, but doesn't know how to express his feelings at all. Neither does he know the... "dirty"... things of the world either... (THERE WILL BE YAOI) Btw...
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