Ciel In a Kitten Outfit

Ciel is caught falling asleep again by Sebastian, so as punishment, sebby dresses him up in a kitty suit! But Sebastian is not yet satisfied by just LOOKING at Ciel...IF YOU DON'T LIKE LEMONS OR YAOI THEN DON'T READ! ALSO NO RUDE COMMENTS!

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Chapter 1.

chapter 1

Ciel was doing paperwork at his desk in the study, and was bored to death by the tediousness of it all. Why must paperwork be so annoying?! Ciel groaned inwardly.

Meanwhile, Sebastian...

Sebastian was pacing the kitchen, thinking of a dish to serve his bochan. He was doing paperwork, so some sugar energy would do him good, but not too much or else he would get distracted. Not too little, either, because then he wouldn't be satisfied and want more sweets, therefore ruining his appetite. Also, scince he should focus, he needed a calm, mellow flavor of food, like a staple French vanilla or Persian chocolate. No fiesty flavors like meringue or citrus or he wouldn't focus. Sebastian, after his debate, decided on Cremé De Vanillà, not too much sugar, not too much flavor, and bochan hadn't had vanilla in a while, so the newness of it would appeal to him. Wait, it needed more color. Sebastian swirled some black icing around the delicate-tasting cheesecake, giving it more vibrance and a full-bodied flavor. Smiling with satisfaction, he put the cheesecake on a silver plate, took some tea leaves, and came out of the kitchen gracefully rolling a platinum teacart.

As Sebastian wheeled the teacart to his young master's room, he knocked twice on the thick wooden door. "Bochan..?" he asked when there was no reply. "young master, I have brought your lunchen snack..." Sebastian asked as he slowly opened the door. As soon as the floor was opened, his eye twitched.

Not again... Sebastian muttered.

Ciel was face-down apon the desk, snoring softly as he slept upon all the papers he needed to sign and fill out.

Sebastian sighed. Really now... he has been falling asleep so much lately...
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