Ciel, ever so innocent

finds himself growing more and more attracted to his devilish fiend of a butler, but doesn't know how to express his feelings at all. Neither does he know the... "dirty"... things of the world either... (THERE WILL BE YAOI) Btw NO RUDE COMMENTS. IF YOU DON'T LIKE LEMONS THEN DON'T READ.

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Chapter 1.

chapter 1

Ahh... those glossy lips... those seducing eyes... those silky black locks...


I'm thinking about him again, aren't I?!

In the past few days, I have found myself to be... *ahem* ... 'attracted'... to my butler, Sebastian.

YES, I KNOW IT IS WRONG. It is wrong in nearly every way and I know it.

First of all, boys are supposed to like girls.

i DO have a fiancée, after all.

But yet...

I can't help but glance at him, watch him serve me tea and snacks, those graceful limbs setting my plates delicately upon the table...


I did it again, didn't I...?

Anyways, that annoying girl does nothing but pester me and turn everything pink.

Hmmm... a bit like the plague.

A very... pink... plague.

Second of all, my butler is a demon.


He can't possibly love me!

A demon is a creature that is devoid of love; one who corrupts the weak-minded and tarnishes the pure.

And yet, I L-


I admire him.

Third, who knows how old he is?!

I am of twelve years of age, and I am sure that demons live for eternity.


Fourth, he is here to eat my soul.

Yes, that's right.

His purpose is to help me fulfill my goal, then claim my soul.

Nothing else.

Nothing else...

Sebastian was hurriedly walking down the hallway with the platinum sliver teacart, as he didn't want to leave his precious kitten cupcakes in the oven with Bard around.

Stopping at his master's door, he knocked upon it twice and came in.

"My Lord, the tea is ready..." He murmured in the usual husky voice of his as he stepped in.

Sebastian glanced over at Ciel, who seemed to be in deep thought. When he placed the tea and bread upon the table, Ciel jumped up and looked startled to see his butler. As is realizing something, he calmed down and began to sink back into his thoughts.

"And what is the tea today, Sebastian?" Ciel asked, watching almost lazily while his butler prepared his lunchen.

"Violet Moon with extra honey, and some French cream biscuits. I do hope you enjoy, bochan..." The demon purred, smirking slightly. Although this seemly-normal smile of his was a mask; underneath he was confused. Usually young master scented the tea immediately. What is on his mind...? Sebastian thought as he bowed and stepped out of the door.

Ciel sipped his tea slowly, watching from the corner of his eye his butler leave the room, admiring once more how flexible and graceful he seemed, but then catching it and seemingly reprimanding himself for doing so. Taking a bite out of the cream-filled biscuits, he very nearly almost moaned out in pleasure as his eyes rolled back into his head at the exquisite taste of sweet, sweet cream caressing his taste. After the bite, he looked at the biscuit like he had found a diamond in his lunch, and devoured bite afepter bite of the wonderful dish. Sighing, he licked his fingers of any remaining traces, and sipped more of his Violet Moon tea, mouth watering when he detected extra honey. The two flavors mixed perfectly together, dancing with wonderful ease and surrounding his tongue in bliss of flavor. Sebastian had impressed him once again.

But Ciel wouldn't let him know that.

Oh, no no no, he didn't need praise.

...besides, it would hurt his pride to do so.
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I love it!!!! I'm so glad you didn't stop writing, you're an awesome author!!!!!! Ignore dem haters and do what you want! Nothing should stop you :3
No prob, it's the truth :3
on March 23, 2015
on March 23, 2015
on March 23, 2015
CONTINUE!! I love it :3
Yay :3
on March 23, 2015
on March 23, 2015
on March 23, 2015