his butler, simply irresistible

but ya, there's gonna be lots an lots of yaoi for Black Butler... enjoy ALSO NO RUDE COMMENTS. if you don't like lemons then DON'T read.

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Chapter 1.

chapter 1


That was his name.


The name of the boy that drove me so mad with lust I yanked out my silky locks.


That was the name of the boy that tormented me so much with little tastes of his body...


That name... so fitting for someone like him.


Oh, how I wanted him.

Him, and only him. no one else. Nothing mattered. He is the only one I want now...

Those Eyes Of Dark Crimson Jewels...

Once They've Eluded You, Expect To Meet Your End.

With Those Smooth Glossy Lips...

And Those Devilish Looks...

You'll Crumble Into His Garden Of Pleasure...

A Tyrant More Merciless Than a God.

That Butler, A Beautiful Demon. - Yaoi Doujinshii Quote From Unclear

Ciel sat at the dining table, eating his dinner; a rich creamy sauce draped over poached salmon fillets, complimented by a light mint salad and a a fine wine of France. "Sebastian." Ciel said somewhat irritably. "Bring me the dessert." Sebastian' s eyes flashed a blood-red. He walked over to the kitchen and served Ciel Cremé De Vanillà Cheesecake draped with a black icing. Along with the cake there was tea to go nicely with the flavor; Velvet Flow spiced up in taste with some acohol. Ciel raised an eyebrow at the tea, but drank it anyway.

Silly bochan. Sebastian Thought as he refilled the teacup. Ive put twice as much brandy in the tea needed, I thought he would smell the difference.

Sebastian smirked a smirk to big for his face and carried on pouring more tea.
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