his butler, supremely seductive

Ciel is sleeping in late, so Sebastian uses desperate measures to wake him, but bochan is so startled by this he manages to tie himself up, completely vulnerable to the lustful demon...

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Chapter 1.

chapter 1

Ciel woke up at the sound of his butler's smooth, velvety voice. "Bochan, it's time to awaken..." Sebastian said, gently resting his hand on his shoulder. "Ten... ten more minutes..." Ciel grumbled, rolling away from Sebastian. "Just ten more...ten more minutes..." Sebastian sighed. His bochan had become so tired recently for some reason.

"Young master, I do request that you awaken. We have a meeting with the Yard later, and it's best if you do not appear tired-" Sebastian cut himself short, noticing the earl had fallen back into slumber.

Sebastian sighed. He would have to take desperate measures to wake up the young master; as he slept like a log.


The master plan NEVER failed to wake up his bochan. NEVER.

Ever so slowly, Sebastian leaned over Ciel's sleeping figure, putting his lips ever so close to his ear. Using his soft, seductive voice, Sebastian whispered the four words that would wake him up no matter what the circumstances, the four words that were used only in dire emergencies.

"Bochan... Lizzy is here..."

Quicker than lighting, Ciel snapped out of his ever so deep slumber, and whipped up so quickly that he fell out of his bed.

"LIZZY!" Ciel shouted on the floor, flustering around in his sheets."I'VE TOLD YOU TIME AND TIME AGAIN, DONT SEE ME SO EARLY IN THE MORNING! IT'S RUDE!"

"I see you are awake..." chuckled Sebastian, a huge smirk almost too big for his face plastered on his mouth.

It took Ciel a few seconds to register what had just happened, so he lay on the floor, dumbfounded. Then when it finally clicked on him, he blushed furiously. "Sebastian! I told you... to only... USE THAT IN EMERGINCIES!" Ciel shouted again, fully embarrassed at the fact that he had completely entiwined himself in his silken sheets, and was unable to get out.

A light chuckle escaped Sebastian when he realized the unfortunate position Ciel had managed to get himself into.

"My, my," he smirked, trying to keep from laughing.

"it seems as though the young master has become bound up tight in his bedsheets, correct?" Sebastian noted as he saw Ciel struggling to be free of his imprisonment.

"Like a helpless lamb bound for the slaughter..." He cooed.

"Just what are getting at, you perverted butler?" Ciel retorted, embarrassed.

"Oh nothing..." said Sebastian. "But we really should get you out of those bedsheets, don't you agree...?"

"I suppose so." Ciel said, still ashamed at the thought of him doing something so...silly.

"Now then..." Sebastian murmured, bending down to examine the tangled-up-red-faced-earl-in-a-blanket. "hmmm... your thrashings and frantic strugglings have gotten you very firmly stuck in these sheets, My Lord. I wonder how I shall remove you from them...?"

"I don't much care how. Just get me out." said Ciel impatiently.

Hmmm... bad wording...
Sebastian decided with a smirk. He would most likely regret those words later...

Sebastian knelt down and saw that the position Ciel had himself in was quite adorable; Arms and ankles bound by silken sheets, smooth skin peeking out from underneath, face flushed a dark, timid shade of pink, deep midnight-blue eye pairing with a beautiful glowing violet eye. His hair was ruffled from sleep, his common bedhead, and he was dressed in his usual nightshirt with nothing underneath. All that, along with the fact that Ciel was restrained greatly from moving, really did make him like a lamb for slaughter.

And if Ciel was the Lamb, Sebastian was the Wolf.
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