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Rant About Frozen
Well, I hate Frozen, and I found this lengthy passage on Tumblr and can't post it any where on Qfeast because it's too long, so, I'm putting it into a story. These are all the reason Frozen was a God awful movie that shouldn't ...
129 reads 87 readers 0 by anonymous-user-d7so39
My Thoughts
Read no matter what if you are suicidal or you know somebody who is. This is about a girl and how she was declined for so long.
21 reads 12 readers 3 by zombie
Internet Wars
What if the world you knew was controlled on the Internet? All your personal data, your job, streets, your life and etc all located on one site used every where around the world called Tabi. Within one night, 13 artifical intel...
146 reads 36 readers 23 by DarkAngel1204
Young Aquashine only memory of her birth clan is leaving and she seeks her history and what lies ahead in the future and find out about a prophesied cat before her named Silverflight for she is the only adult cat left from the ...
81 reads 29 readers 38 by Your_Average_Fangirl
Five Nights At Freddy's - Sonic Style
"Make your sorrows go away, Time for fears to fade, A jolly night here thou awaits, No use to call for aid." Who will survive the five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? Who will be taken as victim?
264 reads 40 readers 111 by Weiss_Schnee
The Disney Princesses
I have been watching all my childhood favorites and am starting to realize some things. For now, I'm going to stick with just the princesses but if people want or this gets popular I'll continue. Let's think about the princesses!
215 reads 48 readers 46 by Elleyd
The truth of me
Based on a somebody , I shall remain unknown. This story , remains the truth of HER.
18 reads 11 readers 1 by Owl101
Harry Potter/ Twilight Chatroom
The Harry Potter and Twilight characters come together and meet on an awesome chatroom!!!!
50 reads 25 readers 3 by peace_out
This tale is about Voldemort if he played Minecraft. If you do not know what Minecraft is, go to minecraft.net, or if you are lazy read the first chapter :P. If you do know, skip it.
87 reads 25 readers 7 by theplaidunicorn
The Hunger Games - Will YOU Survive?
Okay, you have been picked for the HUNGER GAMES!! You can choose what you do, what weapon you take and so on. Have fun and be careful!
362 reads 33 readers 14 by NeonTiger
Would He?
When Harry gets Sorted into Slytherin, he's scared everyone will hate him. But the Slytherin's are more than happy to be his friends, and together they discover a secret that could destroy magic. Forever.
36 reads 24 readers 19 by StarMoon
Slave to Love
A slave/master type of story - I understand I am not a professional and look for criticism and advice on how I can improve my writing :)
127 reads 62 readers 24 by ladybugsloveme
Casey is sold and bought. Enjoy please! I hope you enjoy please read. Give some advice
514 reads 81 readers 31 by Thehost