Harry Potter/ Twilight Chatroom

Harry Potter/ Twilight Chatroom

The Harry Potter and Twilight characters come together and meet on an awesome chatroom!!!!

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Chapter 1.

When it All Began

The-Boy-Who-Lived has entered the chatroom.

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Hey everyone! How's it going?

Weasley_flying_car has entered the chatroom.

Weasley_flying_car: Nothing much! Hermione's trying to teach me piano... I'm just pretending to be interested.

The_smartest_girl_in_school has entered the chatroom.

The_smartest_girl_in_school: What did you just say there?

Weasley_flying_car: O_O  :O

Weasley_flying_car has left the chatroom.

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Awkward! :D

The_smartest_girl_in_school: Don't you start! I have to go. See you tomorrow!!

The_smartest_girl_in_school has left the chatroom.

Nessie159 has entered the chatroom.

Nessie159: Hey! Wait, who are you?

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Harry Potter! And you are?

Nessie159: Renesmee Cullen!

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Hi Renesmee! Mind if I call you by your username, Nessie?

Nessie159: Sure! :D :D :D :D :D

HotWolf has entered the chatroom.

HotWolf: Hey Ness! Who is that guy?

Nessie159: Sorry! Jake, this is Harry. Harry, this is Jacob!

HotWolf: Hi.

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Hey

Nessie159: Sorry gotta go guys ttyl!

HotWolf: Bye Ness

Nessie159 has left the chatroom.

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Bye Nessie!!! So, Jacob. How do you know her?

HotWolf: I'm her Mom's best friend. I'm also her future husband.

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Oh. Wait, you guys are American? Coolzic!!!!!!

HotWolf: What, are you not American?

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Nope, I'm British!!!

HotWolf: Awesome!

Team_Edward has entered the chatroom.

Newest-Vampire has entered the chatroom.

Stronger-than-you has entered the chatroom.

Newest-Vampire: Emmet, how many times have we asked you to change your username? We agreed that I am the strongest one, remember!?

Stronger-than-you: Fine then!

Stronger-than-you is now known as Sexier-than-you.

Sexier-than-you: Happy?

Team_Edward: Nope!

Newest-Vampire: Change it again!

Sexier-than-you is now known as Mr_Teddy_Bear.

The-Boy-Who-Lived: O_O

HotWolf: What a psycho.

Mr_Teddy_Bear: Too much?

Team_Edward: Yup!

Mr_Teddy_Bear has left the chatroom.

The-Boy-Who-Lived: Okay Jacob who are all these people?

HotWolf: This is Harry everyone! Harry this is Bella and Edward, Renesmee's parents and that guy there was Edward's adopted brother Emmet.

The-Boy-Who-Lived: God where do you find these people? Anyways g2g! Bye guys!

The-Boy-Who-Lived has left the chatroom.

Only_Weasley_chick has entered the chatroom.

Only_Weasley_chick: Hey!

Newest_Vampire: Hi! Wait who are you?

Only_Weasley_chick: I'm Ginny Weasley and you are?

Newest_Vampire: I'm Bella this is my husband Edward and my best friend Jacob!

Only_Weasley_chick: Nice to meet you guys! Anyways, have you seen my brother's girlfriend anywhere? She has brown hair, he name is Hermione Granger and her username is The_smartest_girl_in_school. Seen her anywhere?

HotWolf: Sorry nope!

Only_Weasley_chick: Okay. Well that's the only reason I came on! Bye, ttyl guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team_Edward: Bye Ginny!

Only_Weasley_chick has left the chatroom.

HotWolf: I gotta go too guys, time to tell Ness that I'm her soul-mate! Wish me luck!

HotWolf has left the chatroom.

Team_Edward: Wanna go?

Newest_Vampire: Yep lest go.

Newest_Vampire has left the chatroom.

Team_Edward had left the chatroom.
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