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Read no matter what if you are suicidal or you know somebody who is. This is about a girl and how she was declined for so long.

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Chapter 1.


My thoughts are just as important as hers who is this her this she I speak of. She's the one girl the one in million who pictures a better world one without judgment. That girl who always smiles and looks happy, who seems perfect, indestructible almost. Well she's not hiding behind a mask has become so easy she pretends to be happy, always being around people . As soon as she gets home there's blood on her wrist and hands her mom never even knew.
          Can't you tell look at her sleeves hiding the battle scar she now always will have carried with her. How she hides her wrist but no one not one person even cared, If somebody did notice she'd blame the cat. The next time you see her that girl who always seems happy who always smiles and is always perfect just be sure to tell her.

       The next time you see her don't sit there and stare smile and wave you'll see if you look closely. Just check in the corner of her eyes and remember that she won't let them slip her tears will stay. she'll just turn quickly and go to the bathroom to cry, so think the night she goes home you'll have saved her life. What you couldn't have known was she was tired of everything she just wanted to leave and you saved her.

    She's probably sitting at home right now thinking 'bout you and what you did and she won't want to just make it end she'll hide her ropes, knives and gun away. As long as you keep noticing her she'll soon forget them entirely and her knife that blood stained knife sitting in its secret spot will always remain, Because finally, Finally she was Noticed by somebody.
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Comments (3)

This is amazing and heartfelt <3

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for you!
on January 23, 2015
on January 22, 2015
Hey guys so this is something real I did and it works, so please if you know somebody like this (even you) do it.
on January 21, 2015