The truth of me

The truth of me

Based on a somebody , I shall remain unknown. This story , remains the truth of HER.

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Chapter 1.

The truth of me

Note to all readers that this story is not based on me , but someone else. You would've known that already if you were smart enough to read the description.

This is me , the school comedian. The one who makes everybody laugh and always smiles. Also a jokey person who doesn't take anything seriously. But is that the real me?

"If you were an animal , you would be a bossy cat. Because you think you're so awesome and good at everything , and you think you're boss." My BFF said to me.
I just had to go with the act ...
"Yep! Totally me!" I grinned. So , this is what she thinks of me? Well I have a list of what I think of her! Her face would've been covered in blood right now.

A few hours passed and it was time to leave school. I arrived home around 3:30pm. My dad opened the door , "Say hello to your dad! Disrespectful!"

"You didn't even give me a millisecond to say anything!" I complained back.
"Don't talk back! Or you'll get a whip of my belt! Now take your shoes off!" Dad demanded.
I ran upstairs to my room , I don't care what he says - he's not the boss of me. I turned on my tablet and lived with the internet , my popular life in websites. Same as school , I was a funny , crazy girl with the users. However , sometimes ... Tears swelled up my eyes and yet I type happy. I mean , it wouldn't be me if I showed who I really am...

"You're so awesome!" They messaged me. Do I care? NO. Leave me alone. I don't care how much friends , followers and popularity I have - but I have to act thankful. Eventhough I don't even care.

"Moustaches are so awesome!" I posted on my profile. Guess what? I'm not obsessed with moustaches , rainbows , unicorns or other crap. I don't even know why I keep saying it even if I don't like them at all. It's like reality is forcing me to be happy somewhere else if I can't be happy in the real world.

Back to real life ... blood and scratches were over my face for not being respectful enough.
"Who are you?!" Dad shouted at me , "You're the devil!"

I kept my tears in my eyes. Don't people know how much I pray for them? I'm the reason that no blood was slashed off their bodies yet. They should be thankful...

~Based on a Qfeaster~
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Beautiful... Simply beautiful.
on August 06, 2014