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just my poems
my poems bc i cant trust myself to NOT lose my poem/art book again bc im irresponsible and forgetful
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Among the Sheep (Michaels Journal)
When Michael randomly manifests powers on his fourteenth birthday his parents worry. His parents automatically buy him buy him a journal the same day of his birthday and tell him to keep track of everything that happens after h...
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Sander Sides oneshots
Hello i think this my oneshots book so it may or may not be the best I’ll try my best. There’ll be more information about the book and chapters in the intro. Enjoy whever chapters appear in this book
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Anxiety Pills || Sander Sides fanfic
Everything, EVERYONE, was perfect until an audition that Thomas saw and told the Sides he was going to try it. Everyone was happy that Thomas was doing something other than making YT videos. When he goes to the audition Virgil ...
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Dreamnotfound || A Love Story
This is a love story with DreamWasTaken and GeorgeNotFound. I hope you enjoy it. I'll make new chapters every month or so. The people in this story are okay with the shipping from what I heard, they read the fan-fics together a...
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About my Dream SMP AU
Just me explaining what my Dream SMP AU is like. There may or may not be some characters in this AU that aren't actually in the Dream SMP. Remember this is my AU, please tell me a bit about your AU in the comments! ?
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Life in the Middle
This is a story about a Highschooler named, Alex, was bullied and killed herself. After she died, something unexpected happened...
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My Dream SMP Theories
So I might have many theories about the Dream SMP. I'll be recording all my thoughts/theories of the SMP here. I need some help- These theories come into my head after just watching ONE video of the 'Dream SMP reacts to ...'
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This AU came to my head while looking for photos of Dream SMP angst. I occurred some awesome drawings seeming to be sort of based on the same story. But what made me slightly mad is that it takes place BEFORE Wilbur blew up L'M...
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Dream's 'nightmares'
All I have to say is that this is my AU of DreamWasTaken and how I think his childhood went/would go.
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My theme songs if I was in the Dream SMP
I got the inspiration from @Crystal_Drowned's story with her story "My theme songs if I was a creepypasta" I suddegest you go read her story! It's really good. Anyway enough talking, let's get to the songs.
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If I was in the Dream SMP (1)
This is a story based on if I was in the Dream SMP. I really love and simp for the characters in the SMP. Enjoy the story! (I've edited this story a little because of my username didn't really fit)
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Song Requests
Yes tell me what song you want what's it called and the writer and I'll put it up on here!
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My favorite songs (3)
These songs aren't mine I will give credit to the original owners at the beginning of each chapter. Now without further questions, the songs I found on Google!
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My Afton Family Alternate Universe
I made a poll to decide what to do and Afton Family got the most votes. 100% Well, let me say this...GENOCIDE!!
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