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Struggle with Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety, n. : Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. You could say social anxiety is the fear and anxiety of being negatively judged and evaluated by other people. It ...
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Stupid Things People Say
My friend dared me to make this wonderful book. Actually it's a sad book. So this book will contain of different categories. I'm not listing them due to laziness. ON TO THE BOOK THINGY!
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A day in the Life of Liliana
Got bored and this was born! This is typical things I deal with on a daily basis. Some of which are extremely humorous to people. Have fun laughing at my life.
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Ask My Story Characters!
That's right everyone! You can ask my weird characters questions. Ask anything, I won't reject any.
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Improvised version of Naruto!
It's a surprise mother effas! Also it's in the title. FRICK the description requirement thingy!
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Ouran Highschool Hostess!?
Yuki and Tohru Souma have scholarships to Ouran Academy. They had transfered from an AMERICAN school to Japan. Yuki is a boy in the middle school division. Tohru a GIRL in the high school division. She accidentally gets herself...
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I Am a Mermaid, You Are a Human
Nina Nanami is your normal, everyday girl. At least that's what humans believe. She is a half breed. A powerful one. Her pearl is her soul. But, she gave it to a boy to save his life. She doesn't know the pearl is her soul. Any...
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Is this Love?
Kathy is a middle school girl who just doesn't quite fit in. She is extremely shy and doesn't really talk to anyone. She is extremely observant and can easily point out small changes. Her shyness makes her popular with the boys...
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Half Mask
This is about a girl who's life used to be a living hell. She now works for a man. But not just any man, but the slenderman. Her twin brother works by her side to kill the people who have done terrible things. Such as experimen...
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This is about who I really am. I don't understand myself, but I'll try. 100% true
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