Improvised version of Naruto!

It's a surprise mother effas! Also it's in the title. FRICK the description requirement thingy!

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Chapter 1.

Ch. 1

    Yui and Kaito hid in their mother's closet. Their mother was screaming. Yui barely opened so she could see why her mother screamed out loud. What she saw horrified her. The person who made her mother scream in pain was her uncle. The most kind, loyal, and strong person she knew. Footsteps drew closer. Yui slowly closed the closet door again. The screaming was gone. The footsteps faded into nothing. Kaito bursts from the closet. His heart raced at the sight of their mother. Her body was twisted weird, blood gushed from her, and not a single breath was drawn from her. Yui grabbed her brother's hand. She ran out the back entrance. Then their home burst to flames.
    "MAMAAAAA!" Kaito yells at the top of his lungs.
    Yui was at loss for words. All she could do was allow her tears to fall down her cheeks. She hugged the satchel their mother gave them before stuffing them into the closet. Yui then realizes their might be stuff in their to keep them safe and to remember Mama by. She dug throught the satchel. She pulled out two scrolls. One was white and pure, the other black and evil. They had her name on them. She pulled wooden weapons with Kaito's name carved into them. She looked up at the blazing fire again. Why? Why did Uncle do this?

    Yui stared at awe. She's never seen so much green before. Kaito looked at his sister with sadness. She hasn't spoken after the incident. Maybe it shocked her too much? Right now, the twins are being taken to the Hidden in the Leaf Village. The ninja accompanying them was an Uchiha. This boy didn't understand. Why would escorting two small children be a B ranked mission? He glared at the children. What pathetic things. So needy, it's disgusting! Eventually, they arrived at the gates of the village. The accompanying boy took them to the hokage's office. They sat as a group of ninja discussed things. Kaito glared at them all. Yui... Yui was confused. A grey haired boy walked up to the siblings. Kaito squeezed Yui's hand. He trusts no one. The grey haired man put his hand on top of Yui's head, making her flinch.
    "What's your name, young lady?" He asked.
    "... Y-Yui..." Yui whispers shyly.
    "Yui... you will be living with me. Think of me as... an uncle. Okay?"
    "My name is Kakashi Hatake. It's nice to meet you."
    Kaito stared at Kakashi, wide eyed. He can't just take Yui from him! He pulled Yui closer to him, glaring at the man. Another man approached them. He held a hand out to Kaito. Kaito slapped his hand away.
    "You can't seperate my sister from me! I don't want to!" Kaito yells.
    Yui hugs him. She whispered to him that everything is gonna be okay. The other man who had approached them, once again held his hand out to Kaito. The young boy just stared at it. The man got down on one knee, putting one hand on the boy's shoulder.
    "My name is Asuma Sarutobi. What about you, kid?" The man asks.
    "Kaito." The stubborn and angered boy says.
    "You'll be living with me. I promise you'll see your sister every now and then."
    "Tch. Whatever..."
    Yui looked up at her new gardian. Why did he have his eye covered? Why is his mouth covered. Yui looked at her gloved hand. She can't really say much though... She grabbed Kakashi's hand. He looked down at her, shocked. When she saw that, she pulled away. She looked down in shame, was he mad at her? Kakashi started to walk away.
    "Let's go, Yui. We can go to a restaurant to eat, then head home." Kakashi said kindly.
    Yui ran to his side. Kaito watched his sister walk away. I wonder why these ninja are taking us in, he thought, it doesn't make sense. A hand touched his head. Asuma looked at his new housemate.
    "Alright, we should be going. Let's go." He says walking away, the boy not following. "Well you comin' or not, Kaito?"
    He walked behind the man, still not trusting him.

~Kakashi's POV~
    Yui seems interesting. I stare down at her as we walk to a local ramen shop. It took me to surprise when she grabbed my hand earlier. I guess she got scared when I looked at her. Yui falls down. I stop. She gets up and glares at the ground. Her cheeks round into bubbles. I feel myself start to laugh. This is adorable and hilarious at the same time! I try to keep from laughing at her. I notice her knee. It's bleeding. Next thing I know, she kicks my torso, causing me to fall backwards on my back end. She's strong for a three year old. She sticks her tongue out at me.
    "S-sorry, Yui. It was just funny when you glared at the floor. That's all." I say.
    She gives me the look of doubt. I get up. I take out a bandage for her knee. She's clumsy, yet strong. Maybe it wouldn't be bad if I taught her to fight. We start to walk again. A small warm hand grabs my own. Knowing it's Yui, I wrap my fingers around her hand. I look down at her. Her face is bright, like sunshine. I smile. This kid is definitely interesting.

~Asuma's POV~
    This kid... he walk behind me. I feel him staring holes in my head. He sure as h*** doesn't trust me! I turn around.
    "Okay, kid. Why don't you trust me?" I ask.
    "I am smarter than I seem. And I find it suspicious that you ninjas are taking care my sister and myself. Very. Suspicious." He says.
    What the h*** is this kid's problem!? It's not my fault the government took them in. Kaito looks at me like I'm a demon spawn or something. This brat is getting on my nerves! I walk up to him.
    "Kid, the government just decided to. Understand?" I say with a bit of annoyance.
    "Tch..." Kaito says angrily.
    I hit the top of his head. Damn brat! He's lucky I'm doin' this! He continues to follow me. This kid is gonna be tough to live with.
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