Ouran Highschool Hostess!?

Yuki and Tohru Souma have scholarships to Ouran Academy. They had transfered from an AMERICAN school to Japan. Yuki is a boy in the middle school division. Tohru a GIRL in the high school division. She accidentally gets herself in a HOST club. Now she has to serve as a hostess. What did she get herself into!?

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Chapter 1.

Starting Today, You're a Hostess! prt. 1

    I wake up to my little brother jumping on my bed. I sit up, still sleepy. I give Yuki-chan a confused look. I pull my kid of a brother into a hug.
    "What's the special occasion?" I ask him.
    "We're going to a rich kid school!" Yuki says eagerly.
    I mess with his shoulder-length, soft hair. I always envied his brown, wavy hair. I put his hair in a ponytail. He's often mistaken for a girl. Ah, I never introduced myself, have I? Alright, here goes nothing.
    My name is Tohru Souma. From my name, people assume that I'm a boy. Im not, what I am, is a girl. My hair flows down my back almst to my bum. What I hate is that it's red like in the rainbow. It's also wavy, which I enjoy. As you know, Yuki-chan is my little brother. He's in his second year of middle school. He acts like a kid. We have three things in common. 1, our eye color (our eyes are a soft blue, like the sky). 2, our feminine stature. And 3, our shyness. Our parents passed away when we were still in America. I got a scholarship into Ouran Academy. They gave Yuki a scholarship for free, which is nice.
    I go to our bathroom, readying for the first day at our new school. When I exit, my little brother is looking adorable in his hoodie. We couldn't afford the school uniforms, so we're wearing street clothing. I grab us bread for on the go. I grab my favorite hoodie and headphones. Yuki grabs our school bags and we leave. We talk about how amazing it's gonna be there. When we arrive at the gates, it was more... pink than we thought it was gonna be. I go into my bag, trying to find my glasses. I run into someone, falling back.
    "Tohru-chan, are you okay?" Yuki asks pulling me to my feet.
    "Owie, yeah. Don't worry little brother." I reply.
    "Im sorry. Did I hurt you?" Says a petite boy.
    "Uah, n-no. I'm f-fine r-really." I reply.
    "Oh, that's good."
    The boy walk away with a large smile. Yuki takes me to the high school division. I am clumsy with no sense of direction. Lucky me! I feel the other students staring at me. S-scary... I see someone approach me. Oh, no.
    "Hi, there. My name's Haruhi Fujioka. What's yours?" The person asks.
    "T-tohru Souma..." I reply shyly.
    "Well, it's nice to meet you."
    "Y-you t-too."
    Class starts. I keep catching people staring at me. My heart throbs with fear. I hear my name.
    "Didn't you hear me, Souma-san? Why don't you come up and introduce yourself?" The teacher asks of me.
    I gently shake my head. That's too scary... I hear people whispering. I become more petrified. My head faces the desk. My long hair covering me. Class continues even though I didn't introduce myself. Yuki, I'm scared of these people! Before I know it, Lunch starts. I start walking down the hall, following the other students. I come across a lunchroom. I get food and head to the library I saw down the hall. The noise is worse than the lunchroom. I walk in a random direction down various hallways and up stairs. I have no f*cking clue, to where I'm going. In other words I'm lost. I come across an empty hallway. THANK THE LORDS! I see a cracked open door. I push on it. Then something completely and utterly weird happens. Pink rose petal come out of no where. I see seven silhouettes.
    "Welcome." Seven voices say in unison.
    "Kyaa!" I squeak out.
    I get so scared, I trip over my own feet into the room. I push myself off the floor, utterly embaressed. I look at the people before me. I immediately recognise the small boy from this morning. A taller blonde approaches me. I look at him, scared.
    "Well hello, mister. Are you alright?" He asks.
    "U-um, y-yeah I'm... wait... Did y-you s-say MISTER?" I question.
    "Who woulda thought" "the new guy was gay?" Identical twins say.
    "Souma-kun is really shy guys." Answers the girl in a boys' uniform.
    "I believe she was born here, then lived in America. At least according to her school record." A boy in glasses says.
    Yukiiiiii, help meeeeee! These people are scary a** idiots! I try leaving while the people in front of me talked. I try opening the door, but is closed on me by the tall blonde. Save me from heeeere.
    "What a lovely Prince! So tell us." He says.
    "Wait, I'm not a-" I try speaking only to be interupted.
    "What is your type?"
    "You know like the mischievous type. The strong silent type. The cute lolita type. The natural. The cool type. Or, the princely type?"
    I accidentally walk backwards... on a pillar... with an expensive vase. I turn around to catch it. My fingers just barely missing it. My eyes open wide. Ffffffffff***... I freak out, I go to pick up the glass. Owwwwwww, why me? Why now? I cut myself.
    "Owch! Dammit!" I whisper yell.
    "Are you okay?" The petite blonde says.
    "Souma-san, you now owe us 8 million yen. But, you can't afford a uniform... Everyone, we have another commoner." The glasses boy states.
    "You will be our dog!" The tall blonde declares.
    E-eight  m-million yen? They're j-joking... r-right? I go up to a corner and sulk, while being surrounded by a dark aura. Help me. . .
    "Haruhi, your days of grocery shopping are over." The tall blonde says.
    "Tamaki-senpai, shut up." This Haruhi says.
    "Wait a minute! I c-cant do that! I have to take care of Yuki-chan!" I yell.
    Tamaki grabs my hands and gets in my face.
    "Is this Yuki a boy or girl?" He asks eagerly.
    "Yuki's my brother. What're you getting at?" I ask.
    He just walks up to the glasses person. JERK! My phone starts ringing. I check to find Yuki's number.
    "Hey, Yuki. What's up?" I ask.
    "Where are you?"
    "Um... The sign said... Music Room 3, I think."
    "Stay there. Im gonna come get you."
    "These people are scary as f*ckng h***!"
    "You're fine. See you soon, bye."
    Next thing I know, weight is put on my shoulders. I keep turning my head to face the twins. Yukiiiii, hurryyyyyy...
    "Those bangs cover your eyes." One says.
    "Lets sweep her bangs from them, then." The other replies.
    The weight on my shoulders stop. Next thjng I know, my eyes were exposed from the prison of my hair. I try fixing it to its previous style, but my hands were captured. I headbutt the twin holding my arms. I find myself in a changing room. I am officially confused. A bag is held to me. I take it and everyone leaves. I take out what's in the bag. The boys uniform. I can't wear this! But, I guess I have no choice. I take off my baggy clothes, putting them to the side. Im about to put on the uniform, when Haruhi walks in. I cover my upper body with my hoodie. Haruhi walks out.
    "WHAT!?" The boys still out there yelled.
    Haruhi walks back in exchanging the boys uniform for a girls. I give her a smile. I put the dress on. When I walk out of the changing room thingy, Yuki walks in.
    "Yukiiiiii!" I yell as I run at him.
    "Are you... wearing a dress?" He asks.
    "They forced me!"
    "You look as cute as a bunny!"
    "Yuki-chan is too nice!"
    "But it's true. I would force you to wear it myself. If I was that type of person."
    "Sorry to interrupt you, but you and your sister owe 8 million yen." The glasses boy states.
    Yuki grows a dark aura around him. Lord, give me mercy! I hide behind Haruhi. Yuki gives me a rough noogie.
    "Forgive meeeeeeee..." I whine.
    Next thing I know, beautiful girls flood in. (A/N: SHE IS NOT LESBIAN, JUST SO YOU KNOW) They look at me, their faces in awe. I don't like this attentiooooon. I hide behind Yuki. Why do I have a bad feeling about this!? Yuki and I get pulled aside. What we hear, shocks us.
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