A day in the Life of Liliana

Got bored and this was born! This is typical things I deal with on a daily basis. Some of which are extremely humorous to people. Have fun laughing at my life.

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Chapter 1.

Typical School Day Morning

Every school morning my alarm goes off. So, I throw it at the wall. After that I actually get up and get ready for the school day. At 6:15 is when I'm back in my room on my phone reading fan fiction with a reader insert due to boredom and laughing at the cheesy romance between me and the character.

At 6:30 I'm in the kitchen stuffing food in my mouth while blasting music in my ear. Which is usually stuff from the earlier 2000's... don't judge me. At 6:45 I'm fixing my bed and opening my window, the rest of the family is usually waking up by then. After I fix up my room, I'm back on my phone reading about stuff that should seem interesting, but isn't interesting at all.

At 7:00 I'm out the door and waiting for the bus. Then Michey meets me and we act like idiots... a normal thing we do. I usually get called a marshmallow demon another way she calls me tsundere... It's weird yes... Then we curse about why the bus isnt at the location yet because mornings are cold. Okay, I think that covers a typical morning for me.
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on July 15, 2017