Half Mask

Half Mask

This is about a girl who's life used to be a living hell. She now works for a man. But not just any man, but the slenderman. Her twin brother works by her side to kill the people who have done terrible things. Such as experimenting on children. They hate people who do things like that, beings it happened to them. Listen to their story, it will surprise you. ~A/N: MAY HAVE ROMANTIC SCENES!~

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Chapter 1.

The beginning

    Luci was in a corner, sobbing. She was forced to kill a helpless animal. Why would her father make her do this? She trembled as Cory was given a strange chemical. She was officially afraid of her own flesh and blood. In other words, her father. They were only four, this was torture. Luci kept staring at the dead bird she was forced to shoot. Her father grabbed her forearm and took both twins out of the lab. When he released their arms, they ran to their room and hid. Cory's eye had been bleeding. They heard the voice of their mother and ran into her arms.
    "Oh, Cory, what happen to your eye?" Their mother asked with worry.
    "Papa..." Cory mumbled.
   All he wanted was attention from their father, he didn't want to get in trouble. Luci clung onto Cory. Cory had his eye covered by a cloth and was taped to his face. The twins went the rest of the day avoiding their father.
    The next day they arrive at pre-k. They looked in  awe of the bright and colorful room. A boy went up to Cory.
    "Wanna play with me?"
    "Only if my sister can"
    The boy made a face and walked away from them. Luci frowned, why didn't the boy want to play with Cory and herself? Cory saw books in a small area and pulled Luci towards them. He grabbed a book and gave it to her. Cory wasn't taught to read yet. Her father had a special liking towards her. What the twins didn't know was, their father was using Luci as an experiment. Cory was just a test subject for chemicals. A girl went up to Luci and hit the book from her hands. The girl smirked the pretended to cry. Luci was confused. The teacher grabbed her forearm and took her to a corner of the classroom. I didn't do it, Luci thought, the other girl did it to me. Tears formed in her golden hazel eyes. Cory attempted to approach Luci multiple times only to be seperated from her again. Whe their mother arrived at the end of the day, Luci ran to her and grasped the skirt her mother wore. She was lifted off the ground. Luci could only hear her own sobbing and the heartbeat of her mother.
    "Miss. Vandy, why is my daughter crying?" Katrina ( their mother ) asked.
    "She slapped a book from another child's hands. So I put her in a corner." Miss. Vandy stated.
    "Luci would never do that!"
    "Uh, i uh...."
    "I know you have a security camera! Check it, there's your proof!"
    Katrina walked out of the classroom. They walked two block to get home. Luci kept crying. Katrina was mad, very mad. When they arrived home, the twins father was cooking in the kichen. He saw Luci crying, he walked up to Luci and touched to top of her head. Luci flinched, she didn't do anything about it. Her father gave her a stuffed animal, a rabbit to be exact. Luci didn't know it was a gift, so she gave it back. Then her father gave it back.
    Later that night, Luci heard something hitting her window. She opened the curtain. She found a faceless man staring at her. She touched the window in curiosity and giggled. The faceless being was shocked, the girl was supposed to be afraid! He fled, leaving the girl completely and utterly confused. Who and what was that? She had a feeling she'd see him again.
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Yes, please write part 2!!!
on June 29, 2016
Make more please!!!!!
on June 28, 2016
on June 28, 2016