I Am a Mermaid, You Are a Human

Nina Nanami is your normal, everyday girl. At least that's what humans believe. She is a half breed. A powerful one. Her pearl is her soul. But, she gave it to a boy to save his life. She doesn't know the pearl is her soul. Anyway, she is half mermaid, no one knows the other. She fell in love with a human. Not just any human. A popular, middle school student. But, if she confesses her love, she'll turn to sea foam! See where this story goes.

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Chapter 1.


    "Well, I'm off to the surface!" I yell at the citzens of the Pacific Ocean mermaid kingdom.
    "Your Highness, wait for me! You're swimming too fast!" My penguin, Kiko, yells.
    Hi, my name is Nina. I'm 13 years old. I have long pink hair and violet eyes. My tail is red. Oh I fogot to mention, I am the red pearl princess of the seven seas. There are seven princess, seven pearls and seven seas. Kiko is my... guardian. That's right, gaurdian. He's also the head of the servant committee. Anyway, let's get on with this.
    I reach the surface of the water. Real air fills my lungs. I see a beach with tons and tons of humans. My heart flutters. My arm is tugged on. I see Kiko swimming away. Jerk! I swim after the flightless birdbrain. He get on to a deserted beach. When I get kn dry land, my tail turns to legs. My body is then clothed. I look up at the blue sky. It isn't as blue as the sea though. I stand up, a little wobbly. I wonder if I'll see the boy again. Who knows, the world works wonders!
    "Nina! Let's go to our new home, shall we my princess." Kiko asks.
    "Mm-hmm!" I hum happily.
    Before my eyes Kiko turns human. Eh? But, he's a penguin! How does that even work. Kiko intertwines our arms and we walk to our new home. What are humans like? Will I be friends with one? So many questions to have answered! I'm having a question break down. We arrive at a large building. Out comes my "sister". Misaki is her name. Eighteen years old. She has auburn hair and flame like eyes.
    "Misaki! I'm home sis!" I say afterwards giggling.
    "What're you laughing about?" She asks.
    "Cause I called you sis! I don't actually have one."
    "Okay we're going to go over a few rules. Alright?"
    I can't wait to live like a human! I better stop calling humans... humans. Well see ya soon!
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