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The Diary of a Casual Person
I feel like writing a diary. Then again, I'd have to collect my whole day, pretty much, and roll it into words. Boring! I also feel like having nice, short and sweet chapters. Yeah. This is a fictional diary of a casual person,...
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How to Create a Good Warriors OC
I've been thinking of doing this for a while now. There are some really strange cats and names out there, and if you want to check them out, Google up Bad Warriors Names or The Worst Warriors. I will show ya how to make a solid...
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Dusk and Dawn: Warriors Fan-Fiction
Countless moons have passed after the Dark Battle. The victorious Clans no longer have memories of the murders that once haunted their kin's dreams, and thrive at the lush lake territories. ThunderClan is strong and peaceful, e...
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Lyra's Adventures in Ponyville
This is inspired by the MLP IPad game, all the ponies are the same as on my IPad, same with the layout of the town and stuff. But it's mostly my imagination! So enjoy Lyra's funny adventures in the new town district!
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My Friend That Time Forgot
One day she came in the class, different. I didn't know what happened to her. When my friend turns from awesome to meanie and forgets me I try and make her real self come back... This story tells of how I discovered a shocking ...
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Ghost Stories
So theese are a few wierd stories. All true, maybe exept one. So anyways I will try to post 1 a week cause' I don't know much.
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Is my Friend Lol or Cray-Cray?
So we were out in the shop and bough some Smile Dip. We had too much and Aoshima (Smile Dip monster) took us on a trip to the unknown lands of Smile Dip World!
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Fly My Bird (Fantasy Animal Story)
Queen Ice has plans to conquer the fantasy island called Swiftsnad Isle. But king Long Tail and Elder Paw stand in her way. As the armies of animals fight together the most unlikely hero rises, and is sent on a quest to bring p...
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