My Friend That Time Forgot

My Friend That Time Forgot

One day she came in the class, different. I didn't know what happened to her. When my friend turns from awesome to meanie and forgets me I try and make her real self come back... This story tells of how I discovered a shocking time-twisting plot and I have to go back to the times when I was little to save our friendship. Or fail, for that matter.

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Chapter 1.

The Change

It was my last day in fifth year at St Mary's Parish Primary School. I was reading over my 'Ultimate Guide For Clever People: Ace That Test!' and writing down notes on how to transfigure and divide fractions and stuff like that because I'm a nerd, when she came in. My Best Friend Forever is usually a nice, rather shy girl. Or should I say was. Her usual pretty navy uniform looked normal. It was a bit different to mine. She had a short silky skirt while mine was long and made from rougher material. Our t-shirts were different shades of pretty electric blue but our navy ties were similar. So were our pretty navy cardigans with yellow and red school crests.

The only difference was her hair. Instead of the usual sleek brown or the occasional tidy ponytail is was dyed flashy pink. Disgusting, girlish, splashy mean pink. It was strange, we weren't supposed to dye our hair in school nor it was much like my BFF to break the rules. Then I noticed that her usually small amount of mascara she shyly wore was applied all around her eyes. Her eyelashes looked silvery. Then another thing, she had a glittery handbag instead of her usual pretty pink and purple striped schoolbag, and it looked awful compared to her tomboyish style. That's what I liked about her. Tomboyish but shy and not hot-headed.

She sat far away from me which was awkward, she sits beside me all the time! And another change was visible. Instead of revising for the upcoming test she just took out a large sugary rainbow lolly and started sucking it to my and the classes amazement! Pretty much everyone was dumbfounded. We hated them lollies! I was now trying hard not to notice the ugly dusty pink shawl she put around her neck and the ugly bronze bracelets clattering loudly on her thin arms. What has gotten into her!?

Then my least favorite girl in the school came in. Not in the world, because in the world I hate many other girls including a very pretty but falsely kind she-cat called Nightcloud but we aren't talking about Warriors (which were on my lap at the time, I was reading 'Crookedstar's Promise' for the seventh time) because we're talking about the girl who just came in, my enemy, my...'friend'. Stella.

For as long as I can remember she kept hanging around us, biting and tearing and ripping all my best coats thinking it was a good game and cheating every time we tried to play a simple game of tag. She was dumb, pretty much. Everyone hated her and she thought I and my BFF were besties with her because she kept following us and ruining our lives with 'accidental' injuries and stupid arguments. It was super easy to be annoyed by her, but not so easy to get her to stop.

By the time we were in fourth year she pretty much understood we are certainly NOT friends and since then she kept throwing us dirty looks promising she'll ruin our friendship one day. For the looks, better not ask much more than I give you. Usually not smelling nice, plump. Sounds bad? Hear this: She has a quite straight but greasy clump of long brown hair. She wore her brother's shoes as the mother was supposedly worked in a well-paid job, didn't seem to care for her children much.

Now minor details. Always ripped tights, scratched face, knees and hands (even her cat hated her!) and a sulky look. So imagine my surprise when she came in that day, perfectly happy (grinning toothily showing four silver teeth) and sitting beside my Best Friend carelessly. They started giggling and pointing at people (especially at me) and just being...mean. Some of the kids at their table (okay, I mean other classmates, this just shows how badly social I am) made a run for other empty seats. The others just moved away. But victims are victims and soon fell as prey to the insult-hungry predators.

It's not normal for my BFF to send a girl running in the toilet blinded by tears and laughing icily about it. At first I took it as a joke, right? She was just probably playing one huge prank on me, and she was doing it super well. Turns out nothing went well afterwards. Our teacher was sick and instead of the deputy principal who usually sorted us into different classes (he was busy) a sixth year girl came in as most of the teachers had a meeting and found little time for us. After our little sorting out I took all my test papers (there were 12 pages of math, 8 of English and of course our typical 5 of Irish) and set off along the now noisy corridor, into a third year class where I was given a desolate seat to work in away from the smaller kids.

Lunchtime was no better. I padded up to my BFF and tried to sound unimpressed. 'Great joke you know!' I pointed out when she was in earshot. She looked at me like a slug was crawling up her new World of Warcraft CD (she's mad about it). Then laughing her unlike-herself icy laugh she looked at me again, amusement dancing like ice in her blue eyes. 'Why are YOU talking to me brace monster?'. This startled me. I DID need braces but I didn't have any (thanks goodness!) and she actually wore braces herself.

Then I noticed scornfully. She didn't have any braces. Darn it -_- This was getting unsettling. I was deeply worried now, but the bell rang and I ran into line and them into class for the tests. I'm such a nerd but I don't mind, really. I like being clever. I did my tests, stayed in for homework club, read some Harry Potter waiting for Mum to drive me home and forgot about the weird events of that fateful, twisted day, not noticing a certain pink-haired girl who pushed her brother into dog poop.

So here, you just witnessed how a nice girl has just turned into a MEANIE*!

*All bronies, pegasisters, Warriors fans and Harry Potter readers should not read this more than twice as this word is cursed and if you read it three times or over you friend is likely to become a meanie. We also do not take responsibility if you die, look 50 years older, go blind/deaf/mute or get a heart attack after reading this story and finding out that your friend is a meanie the next day. Fallers do not apply to these rules. Bill Cipher protects you guys!
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