Fly My Bird (Fantasy Animal Story)

Fly My Bird (Fantasy Animal Story)

Queen Ice has plans to conquer the fantasy island called Swiftsnad Isle. But king Long Tail and Elder Paw stand in her way. As the armies of animals fight together the most unlikely hero rises, and is sent on a quest to bring peace. Pet ideas not mine, they are by Chicken Smoothie artists. Pet art too.

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Chapter 1.

Queen with a Heart of Ice

Sharp claws scraped the icy surface of the table. The sunset made the crystal palace glow. The scrape made an ear-splitting screech and most of the maids had to cover their ears. 'What do you mean that Long Tail and Elder Paw did not let my army pass!' A white winged wolf shouted.

She had thick white fur with purple and blue flecks around her torn ears. She also had a bushy tip of her tail, that was navy. The tail itself had blue stripes and dots. Her eyes were icy blue with dark patches around them and her cheeks were blue. She also had a few stripes on her back, navy front paws and very long sharp claws.

'But Queen Ice, my Majesty! Long Tail and Elder Paw...' stammered the frightened bird. He was emerald green with a black beak, rather big. A few lighter spots were visible and his tail were a few long yellow and black feathers. He had a lighter neck too, and his wings were green, white and black. A long yellow feather struck from his head.

'SILENCE!' the winged wolf shouted again. 'If Long Tail and Elder Paw won't let us pass the valley to the South Village to have advantage, we'll just have to conquer their kingdom first. Elder Paw is old and weak, we will be like a wind that will crush a shriveled brown leaf. But Long Tail... and his brothers will be like leafs clinging to a branch' Queen Ice said. 'Emerald!' she called.

The bird suddenly stood up. 'Yes Your Majesty!' he said. 'Get Fang, Spirit and the Thorn brothers' she said. 'Take them on Elder Paw's land and make sure one warrior is prisoner. Elder Paw will be provoked to come right into our claws. I shall prepare a trap for him! Elder Paw shall regret his choice...

The next day Emerald left. Fang was a three headed dog. He was mainly orange with a black stripe on his back, a black tail and foreheads and ears. He or they had very long claws and fangs. Fang also had black paws and a strange white dotty mark on one of his legs, and some white stripes on the same leg too. Four spikes stung out his back.

The Thorn brothers were quite young wolves. The youngest one, Little Thorn was dusky green with lighter stripes on his sides, legs and eyes. He also had lighter dots around the stripes, and very uneven fur with a thorny tail and head. Thorny was the middle brother, navy with ice blue marks going down his sides like claw marks. There were lines around his eyes and legs. He too had a ragged tail and ears. The oldest brother, Thistle was dark brown with lighter marks in strange shapes.

Spirit was an orange brown horse with a white misty mane that looked like flames. He had all sorts of white Indian symbols on his body, and misty hooves. His legs were white around the hooves, but darker than the body higher up. But Elder Paw saw them. 'Raven. Queen Ice is very stubborn. But you must still fight. Fly my warrior. Be brave' Elder Paw rasped. A black wolf with amber eyes and feathers heaved up his mighty wings.

'Raven!' squealed Little Thorn. Fang growled and Spirit looked coldly at the dark shadow in the sky. Emerald flew up. He saw Raven clearly now. The mighty wolf threw himself at the bird. He sank his fangs into the servants wing and than raked his claws across his flank. 'Tell Queen Ice she would need more than a puny servant to beat Elder Paw!' he shouted and flew away leaving Emerald to fall...
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Comments (3)

I love this book!
on October 08, 2013
I'll be adding Chapter 5 July 4th
on July 03, 2013
of course this is a great quality story and there are no other comments. Well I'll tell you you're an amazing writer, I've seen your other stories and they're wonderful, so KEEP WRITING!
on June 12, 2013