The Diary of a Casual Person

The Diary of a Casual Person

I feel like writing a diary. Then again, I'd have to collect my whole day, pretty much, and roll it into words. Boring! I also feel like having nice, short and sweet chapters. Yeah. This is a fictional diary of a casual person, Violet Clouds. It probably contains some things that happened to me, but not much. Cover art by me. No stealie the character, she's my copyrighted persona.

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Chapter 1.
Entry One

Entry One

Hello diary!
I know you're not hearing this because you are just an object, but personification won't do you harm.
You might want to know what you look like and where you come from.
You were bough in a bookshop called Waterstones in a big bustling mall.
I saw you on the 'Buy one & get one half price' table and because I had my pocket money with me I took you and the third book in the 'Wings of Fire' series. You are a very plain diary but I like you that way. Your cover is navy and hardback and your pages are white and neatly lined. I think I will decorate you with pretty azure ribbons but that's later.

I bet you are waiting to hear about my day.
Well, I went to school and I went into the deli on my way.
I bought a packet of chili honey coated almonds with my school snack money.
I didn't do good at history but I wrote a nice English essay about cocoa and then my best friend covered for me when I messed up in chemistry so I got a B for today. A 'B' is not bad at all, I think. I hope you agree. I wish I had straight A's tough. That would be quite thrilling.
While my friend went off for minding duty out in the small kiddies area, I read a very interesting book called 'Wild Moose Chase' about moose cheese. It's about twins too, and yaks and it's very exciting.
I read and write a lot, you must know.
I hope you're liking my entry so far, diary.

When I came back home I didn't do anything interesting.
Maybe the dessert of biscotti and ginger and orange ice-cream counts but I'm not sure.
I did my homework and played in the backyard.
Then my friend Adrianna called me and we met up in the mall and that's when I bought you.
We also got a nice azure nail polish that I really like.
Adrianna bought a 'Bravo Girl' magazine. Turns out nail polish is popular now.
I played with Raine, my cat, when I got back and read a book.
Nothing happened until bedtime.
Just before I went to sleep I found an old box in my wardrobe.
It has this little perfume, this strawberry eraser that even smells like berries and other little trinkets.
I'll study it tomorrow, maybe.

Good night, diary.
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