Is my Friend Lol or Cray-Cray?

Is my Friend Lol or Cray-Cray?

So we were out in the shop and bough some Smile Dip. We had too much and Aoshima (Smile Dip monster) took us on a trip to the unknown lands of Smile Dip World!

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Smile Dip

It was 6 am. I was bored. I called my friend Mika to text on phones even though we would be right up to each other. Mika is Cray-Cray and Lol. I never decided wich. So we got bored texting and decided to go to the haunted shop Dawn 2 Dusk like always when we call each other for 'txt-ing' and get bored.

Dawn 2 Dusk was more haunted than usual and we met the ghost of Thompson and Lee and Tabry, some teens who were trapped in there and never got out. So they showed us Smile Dip! Never Trust Smile Dip. It's fizzy and pink and when you eat one, you eat 'bweventeen'. Cray-Cray but true!

So we were like 'I will eat 2' and we ate 2. And it went on and on and on and on until we saw Aoshima. You know, a normal dolphin with a nyan cat style and four fists and colours of the rainbow. Acctually here, see?

So we were riding Aoshima and shouting 'ONWARDS AOSHIMA!' until he took us to a new world called X-Mas. There we met a cute blue kitty called Xie and she touched us with one magical paw and I just felt like I will go bonkers if I do not eat a bowl full of disgusting smelly old pudding!

So I was starting to sing 'I don't want much for Christmas, not many presents under the Christmas tree...' and so on and Mika stared at me like if I was a blue banana singing 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time'. I did this before the Smile Dip. Anyways I was like 'All I want for Christmas is you!' to the pudding.

Xie started looking at me if a was a cow about to eat an alien so I stopped and called Aoshima because I was feeling wierd and ashamed. But Aoshima was naughty and took us to a mix of 'Pop Songs World' and 'Warrior Cats World' and we were beside Leafpool and Crowfeather who were out on a date. Then Nightcloud came over and went like this:

So we decided it was too wierd there and got Aoshima to get us home. But he left us a 'Annoying Ringtone World' where there was a phone with a ringtone more annoying than nyan cat! I was like 'I hate this ringtone!!!!' and smashed the phone with a random hammer. Then Xie ran over and went like 'My Phone!' but I realized it was my phone. Oshiz. We were very confused and woke up in Dusk 2 Dawn.

I realized we had too much Smile Dip!

The End!

*Credit for the first video: It is from episode 5 from the show Gravity Falls when Mabel ate too much Smile Dip. Aoshima is also from this.
*Second video credit goes to SplashKittyArtsit
*Warrior Cats and the charcters are Erin Hunter's idea
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What the...? LOL!!!
on May 23, 2014