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Heirs of a forgotten world
In our days, in our time, legends that talk about fantastic creatures, magic, alchemy and mystic artifacts, are only that. Legends. Nothing more than stories, tales. But when an ancient threat returns from lands disappeared fro...
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This is...just me.
This is me, but for the description thing I have to put something here.
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Mobius Endless Battle
Mobius game has started! Who will win this game, and who will taste the dust?
93 reads 13 readers 23 profile storyby Sevas_Ren
Nexus chronicles: Travelling
I wanted to write a story like this since I was 9, and now, 10 years later, finally I can. This is a story about all of my favourite anime/manga/shows/videogames/books.
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This happens when I'm bored.
The title says everything I think. Sooo...I'm very crazy when I'm bored.
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Megaman X: Prelude to Elf Wars
After the events at the Jakob Orbital Elevator, life seems to be back to normal. Even if reploids and mechaniloids continue to go maverick, the Maverick Hunters don't have problems defeating them, also because a new type of rep...
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Mobius Paradox
Two dimensions,one peaceful and full of adventures...the other ruled by Eggman,with only a few mobians still alive or not robot. One day they have been connected, and the chaos was released. Only a few heroes can bring peace now.
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Redik the hedgehog
This is the story of a hedgehog, an experiment, born to kill Sonic and his friends. This is my story. Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy.
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