Heirs of a forgotten world

Heirs of a forgotten world

In our days, in our time, legends that talk about fantastic creatures, magic, alchemy and mystic artifacts, are only that. Legends. Nothing more than stories, tales. But when an ancient threat returns from lands disappeared from the time, the legends must come true once again.

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Chapter 1.

Crystal in the night

The wind was blowing furiously, bending the branches and tearing away leaves from them. The branches cracked on the houses' walls, making a continuous noise of wrecked wood.
A purple luminous circle suddenly appeared at the end of the road, and from it, a tall thin figure came out, followed by a dozen of smaller figures armed with two swords. The light blue crystalline skin of the Unseelie reflected the light coming out of the portal and from the street lamps, making it even harder to see more than his undistinguished humanoid shape.
He looked at the street lamps, with an annoyed expression painted on his face. A thin little stream of crystalline particles, departed from his body, enveloped the lights of the street, choking them until the only light there was, was the portal's.
Satisfied with that almost darkness, he started to count how many houses there were in that sector he had assigned.
Walking down the streets, he counted thirty-eight houses, then ordered: <<Take all the children. If someone or something tries to stop you, eliminate them.>>
The Autumnbreeds swarmed in the houses, as fast as the wind that was blowing that night. Some fear screams, immediately suppressed by the steel blades, a few minutes, and all the men returned with children in their arms. <<We have done here. Let's go back at Bedegraine. I don't want to be in this stupid world a single minute more.>>
As the Autumnbreeds crossed the portal, a shivering voice shouted: <<S-stop there!>>
A policeman, was there, aiming to the head of the Unseelie with the gun.
"And this one? Probably he was wandering around and heard the screams. What a pain."
The thin stream of crystalline particles departed again, this time fast as a lightning, and stopped right in front of the man's eyes.
He jumped in fear and surprise, and stared at the particles as they moved slowly around. Suddenly, a crystal spike grown up from the street, impaled the policeman. The crystal creature turned back and walked toward the portal. A gun shot stopped his path, and he turned slowly to face the new enemy that shot him at the left shoulder, full of anger. Surprisingly, who shot was the impaled policeman, still pointing the smoking gun to the Unseelie.
The blood was leaking all down the spike, that has pierced through the man's heart, creating a red puddle under the stiff body. Another crystalline stream departed from the holden up arm of the Unseelie, just to return in his body when the policeman left the gun falling, dead. The bullet was visible through the crystal flesh. It was hurting. Burning like fire. He turned once again toward the portal, and went through it, thinking in a mixture of disgust and respect.
"These humans. They feared us when we walked on these lands."
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This be good.
on September 04, 2017