Heirs of a forgotten world

Heirs of a forgotten world

In our days, in our time, legends that talk about fantastic creatures, magic, alchemy and mystic artifacts, are only that. Legends. Nothing more than stories, tales. But when an ancient threat returns from lands disappeared from the time, the legends must come true once again.

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Chapter 2.

On that day...

This is the story of a man who has yet to realize his destiny

The sun was filtering through the cloth, announcing that the day had already begun. Will, back from a sleepless night, ventured out the tent yawning soundly. Bigby, the big gray wolf symbol of the city, was there, busy with running after a squirrel existing only in its dream. Chuckling after seeing such a noble animal being still a cub in the soul, he got closer to the near stream, admiring soberly the permanent eye bags on his face.
"Who knows if they'll disappear one day." He thought washing his face. A strong friendly slap on his back made him almost jump in the stream.
Laughing, Kaylee greeted him: <<Morning cousin! Slept well?>>
<<You should do something about your insomnia. You're scary.>> She laughed again. <<Now go away, panda-eyes. I have to bath.>>
Back at the camp, Will decided to turn on the radio.
<<The kidnappings of boys and girls under the age of eighteen continue. The kidnappers seem to be the same individuals in brown armors led by the crystal humanoid. It seems they are extremely fast, having perpetrated their actions from K district's cities to M district's cities in less than a hour. The witnesses talk about them being able to use some kind of portal for their movements, appearing and disappearing like ghosts.>>
<<What a disaster...>> Said Kaylee, back from the bath wrapped in her towel.
<<If they came here, you wouldn't have anything to fear, cousin. You're already 20.>>
<<But I'd lose my favorite cousin, since you are still only 16.>> And saying that, she took him in a headlock.
<<Hey! Kaylee, you're hurting me!>>
<<But how delicate you are.>>
<<It's not me being delicate, it is you being as feminine as The Rock!>>
The two cousins started to fight, but it's been a short battle.
Around lunch time Bigby went hunting.
<<Damn, the eye hurts...>> Will said biting his sandwich.
<<You could avoid pulling the towel and just fall. You would have avoided the black eye. Stupid.>>
<<I didn't do it on purpose!>> William replied.

In the afternoon Will read while Kaylee played with Bigby.
<<Hey Will... When do you think mum and dad will be back...?>>
<<Next week.>>
<<...I hope you're right...>>
<<They'll be back Kaylee. They're fine and they'll be back.>>
Kaylee smiled a little. <<You're right. They'll be back.>> She wanted to give a chance to Will's confidence, but in her heart she was tremendously worried for her adoptive parents.
Towards evening they prepared the luggage to go home. Camping was nice, but getting home was also nice. At home they had dinner and then they got prepared to go to sleep and, as always, Kaylee fell asleep hugging her beloved cousin. William let her do it since she joined their family.
During night,an explosion interrupted Will's light sleep.
<<Kay...Kaylee, wake up.>> He shook her to wake her up.
<<Uh...?>> She sat up with eyes still full of sleep amd the head half in dreams' land. <<What's wrong little Willy...? You need toilet?>>
<<Funny. There has be->> Another explosion blocked his sentence, filling his heart with apprehension.
<<What's happening?!>> Both of them went to the window, and what they saw left them speecheless frightened.
The mysterious kidnappers were there. Huge crystal spikes from the earth had exploded police cars, whose carcasses were still there, impaled, and the men in armor were killing and slaying whoever was opposing resistance. By instinct, Kaylee took Will's hand and run away, careless of the raging hell that was storming around them. She had a single objective: to take Will in a safe place. But a crystal spike put an end to her escape.
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