Megaman X: Prelude to Elf Wars

Megaman X: Prelude to Elf Wars

After the events at the Jakob Orbital Elevator, life seems to be back to normal. Even if reploids and mechaniloids continue to go maverick, the Maverick Hunters don't have problems defeating them, also because a new type of reploid has just entered in their ranks. For who played the games , this story take place after "Megaman X8" and before the Elf Wars.

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Stage 1: Baptism of fire

[Arriving at drop point in 35 seconds]
Axl: Hey, new one, do you copy? Since X and Zero aren't here remember that I'm in charge, ok? Once the target is in range fire at will, got it?
Drake: Aye sir.
Axl: You don't have to call me sir ok?
Drake: Copy that.
As the transport came close at the drop point, Drake downloaded all the data on the mechaniloid that was gone maverick.
[Drop point reached]
Drake jumped down of the transport, charging his blast.
On the ground the things weren't go well. The mechaniloid seemed to be a tough one: a heavy building mechaniloid, sturdy, strong, big.
The hunters tried to immobilize it with the cables, while Axl was trying to do some damage to it.
Axl: Hey new one, maybe it's better if you charge that blast a lot.
Drake: Already doing.
The mechaniloid was in sight, but not in range. Drake waited a little more. When he was only a few dozens of meters from the ground he fired the charged blast. Under the power of that blow, the mechaniloid seemed to collapse on itself. Using a building to control his fall, Drake landed without a scratch, and ran to see if the target was effectively deactivated.
Suddenly, the damaged mechaniloid stood up, sweeping away any hunter was close to it.
Drake: The target is not deactivated.
Axl: I can see that, thanks.
Drake: Orders?
Axl: The main generator, we have to-
The mechaniloid grabbed one of the hunters, like it heared what Axl was saying, and was using him as a shield for the generator, that was in the lower part of it.
Axl: Damn...
Drake: I got it.
He started to run towards the machine, activating the plasma blades on the right arm and charging once again the blaster.
Axl: Wait!
With one single fluid move, Drake cut the arm of the mechaniloid and with a leap to avoid the lasers, he fired at the generator.
The machine shutted down, and Drake helped the hurted reploid.
Drake: Your arm is missing.
"You cut it." Said Axl coming close.
Axl: You didn't see it, but you cut the arm of this reploid.
Drake: Sorry.
Reploid: Don't worry, the engineers will fix it. I'm glad that you took me out of that situation. Thanks.
Two reploids took him and bringed him away on a stretcher.
Axl: Listen, I know that you could feel guilty now but-
Drake: I'm not feeling guilty.
Axl: What?
Drake: What I've done was the most logic thing to do, knowing my capabilities.
Axl: I was forgetting that you're a war reploid. Best results with lowest losses huh?
Drake: Yes sir.
Axl: Well, good job. Ehm, don't say to Zero and X that I couldn't do nothing ok?
Drake: Is that an order?
Axl: Lets say yes...
Drake: I won't say nothing sir.
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How to save someone 101.
Cut their arm off.
on March 26, 2016