Nexus chronicles: Travelling

I wanted to write a story like this since I was 9, and now, 10 years later, finally I can. This is a story about all of my favourite anime/manga/shows/videogames/books.

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Nexus chronicles: Travelling

A Plant for the doctor

Voices...I open my eyes, a woman and her child...they have come to visit the implant?
"She's pretty, isn't she?"
"Mum, why is that kid inside that?"
"She's working. Is thanks to her if we have food and water, and if we can cook and do all the other things."
"I thought you cook..."
"Ahahah, yes, but is thanks to her if we have the energy to do it. Come on, lets thank her. Thank you."
"Thank you."
That kid was so cute, that I couldn't hide a smile.
"Mum, she smiled!"
Some days later...
"How are you today my dear?"
I'm fine, or at least I would like to answer him, so I do yes with the head. The doctor Smith is a good man, he always come to visit me, with the excuse of visiting the implant.
"I'm glad that you're ok. I never asked your name. Oh can't talk, sorry. I'm such a dumb."
Every time he says something like that he makes a funny face, that always makes me giggle.
"Eheheh, I like when you laugh. You're so cute. Don't worry, when you'll be old enough, I'll take you out of here."
This was his promise. The first time we met and he did this promise, he told that I was too young to live out of the bulb, but in the future I will be able to, and he will take me with him. I came close to the glass, putting my hand on it. And he did the same.
"You've grown a lot in these months... The Plants are really an incredible specie...I'm sorry...that I can't take you out now."
You don't have to worry, I can wait.
For the next days I received visits from the doctor and Hannah with the little Tim.
I love Tim and Hannah, they're so kind, and Tim is so sweet. And the doctor is funny, kind, and smart. Sometimes he point at my glass bulb a thing that he calls "sonic screwdriver"...but I don't know what's that for. The doctor Smith always tells that's only to check the structure's integrity.
One day, two weeks later, something in the implant exploded, everyone was running, I wanted to know what was happening. Then the doctor ran here, where my bulb was, and pointed the screwdriver all around the glass. The glass broke, letting go out all the fluid that was inside, and me as well.
What's happening? Why is everyone running? Where are Hannah and Tim?
"Don't worry, I'll take you out of here now. We have to go. Can you stand?"
I try to stand up, but I fall in his arms. ""
"You'll try to talk when we'll be away of here."
He took me and ran through all the implant. Explosions...everywhere...destruction...dead bodies... I cried, I cried a lot seeing that show...and seeing where were Hannah and Tim...impaled and smashed under a machine... We entered in a blue box, the doctor put me to seat and went to fumble with a strange panel. Still crying, I took a look to that place. It was big, differently from what I saw outside, and very different from the inside of the implant.
"COME ON!" The doctor was shouting to the machine inside.
"Oh I don't care if it's dangerous, GO!"
Then a strange sound started from the machine, and all the explosions disappeared. It was like we were moving, travelling.
"You're ok?"
I do yes with the head. I was still shocked by what happened... ""
"Don't worry. Hey, do you want to see something amazing?"
Something amazing? I just avoided death...
He stopped the machine, and opened the door. Out...there was a black sky, with miriad of stars and planets. I was amazed...I didn't know that there was something so beautiful...
"Welcome" What? Who talked? Whose is this voice?
"Don't worry, I'm the TARDIS." The from the machine...
"So, what's your name? Now you can speak."
I don't know why, but I like to be called "Aile, Aile Heavens."
"Well, Aile, which one do you want to see?"
The doctor's question left me a bit confused. "Eh?"
"We can visit any star. And I'll show you all of them! What do you think?"
"...I would like to see Hannah and Tim's home world...can I?"
"Sure, but it's better if you wear something, don't you think?"
"Uh? ...Kyaaaaa! Don't look at me!"
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