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Yuka Mochida
This is Yuka's POV on what had happened at heavenly host. Hope you guys like it :)
26 reads 10 readers 3 by Ryou_Yoshizawa
Ryou x Yuka
Yuka meets Ryou while searching for her big brother. I ship this even if there is a big age difference :)
31 reads 18 readers 2 by Ryou_Yoshizawa
Tears of despair
Ryou and Tokiko are sitting outside in the rain, Sachiko had been watching there every move and plans on doing something ! Enjoy the story.
32 reads 12 readers 2 by Ryou_Yoshizawa
Memories never forgotton
Ryou starts remembering all the fun times he had with Yuki and Tokiko before his death.
12 reads 11 readers 1 by Ryou_Yoshizawa
Love at first sight (2)
Ryou has a rush on someone. Who is this crush? well find out in the story.
44 reads 23 readers 3 by Ryou_Yoshizawa
Heavenly host
I'm stuck here forever and can never go back home...I'm forced to feel the pain forever...
68 reads 26 readers 3 by Ryou_Yoshizawa
Ryou's past
This is my past, I remember exactly what had happened and I wish I didn't remember it..
38 reads 19 readers 4 by Ryou_Yoshizawa