Tears of despair

Tears of despair

Ryou and Tokiko are sitting outside in the rain, Sachiko had been watching there every move and plans on doing something ! Enjoy the story.

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Chapter 1.
Ryou x Tokiko

Ryou x Tokiko

Ryou and Tokiko sat outside in the rain. There hadn't been too many people coming yo heavenly host lately so Sachiko said the three ghosts could do whatever they wanted, so Ryou and Tokiko decided to hang out. "Hey um Ryou ?" I turned my head to Tokiko who looked down "what would you do if Sachi-San never killed us ?" I stayed silent for a moment before looking down at my feet "probably do what I usually did when I was alive, what about you ?" Tokiko thought for a moment "same thing.." We then were silent,listening to the rain. Then,suddenly we could feel the pain of our deaths, we usually were able to ignore it but this time we felt a huge pain. I clutch the big gap in my stomach while Tokiko held what's left of her head. 'This is so unusual..' I thought. The pain hurt so bad. Images then came to my head, images of my parents. I got tears in my eyes, Tokiko did as well. Words echoed in our heads "yes..cry, cry because you'll never ever see your mommies or daddies again" Tokiko started sniffling and so did I. It was as if this voice was taunting us.

"No one even remembers you guys anymore, not even your parents"
"No wonder people run away from you"
"Nobody even cares"

By this point we were in tears. We wanted so badly to see our parents again. "Mommy !! Daddy !!" We both yelled. "I want to see you again I really do ! *sob* *sniffle*" I yelled as tears streamed down my face. The voice laughed. Two people then came out. They probably heard us since we were crying loudly.

It was two girls, both were older than us. "A-ah ! It's two of those child spirits !" One of them said, we looked up at them with tear-stained faces. Tears continued to slide down. The girl went to go run away when the other girl grabbed her sleeve. "Wait !" She said "there crying..not attacking" she whispered, "so ?! We have to go !" She tried running away again but the other girl was clearly much stronger and continued to hold her sleeve.

"You are so heartless" the girl dragged the other girl over to us. I looked at the girl with tears running down my cheeks, Tokiko got scared, not used to people actually walking up to us, and she clung onto my arm, still crying. The girl crouched down to us "why are you crying ?" She asked " *sniffle* I want to *sob* go home !" I said to her, the girl turned to her friend "see ? There victims too" the other girl crouched down as well "they look like those kids from that news paper.." She said, "she *hic* hurt us" Tokiko told them, the two girls looked at each other "I want to see my mommy !" I cried out.

I then placed both my hands on there hearts, causing them to be there when the incident happened.
The two girls stood there, they gasped as they saw the three of us, tied up hand & foot, blindfolded. "That's what they must have looked like before the murder case.." The girl whispered to herself.

I struggled to get free " *freighted sobbing* mommy !!!" I cried "someone save me !" The killer ripped my blindfold off, I continued to squirm " *giggle* Yoshikazu this ones moving to much..grab his arms" the two girls put there hands over there mouths as Yoshikazu held me down "no ! No ! Mommy !!! I don't want to die !" I yelled, this caused the other two to cry louder. I was stabbed multiple amounts of times. My killer laughed in enjoyment. "How..can she enjoy this ?"

My killer then cut my tongue out, it landed near the two girls. It laid there and formed a pool of blood.I then coughed up blood, "No more !" I cried out as the killer ripped my guts out. The girls started sobbing as they watched to murder scene. They would move if they could but at the moment they were petrified in fear. Once I died the killer moved on, to Tokiko. Tokiko could hear footsteps coming near her. "Noo ! Please don't kill me !!! NOOO !" She screamed as the killer cut her head off. Tokiko screamed very loud and continued sobbing.

"This..is inhumane" the girl whispered.

Tokiko's head landed on the floor, in a pool of blood.

The girls woke up, shaking in fear. They looked up and saw us, our eyes full of sadness.
We weren't crying anymore but had tears in our eyes. "I'm so sorry that happened to you" they both whispered. I looked down. "that's what happened" I said as a tear slid down my cheek, Tokiko put a hand on my shoulder in a attempt to comfort me. "It was inhumane..what she did" the girl whispered, the other girl nodded. I looked up at them "it's ok..but I want see my mommy and daddy..really bad" I told them, Tokiko nodded "yeah me too.."

The girls looked at each other and back at us. "I know you do.."we then saw a little girl in a red dress "HAHAHAHAHA !" She laughed 'Sachiko..' Sachiko then charged at the two. Bloody scissors in hand. She stabbed one of the girls neck,cutting her head off in the process. "AHHHHHHHHHHH !" The other girl screamed as her friends head landed next to her foot. The girl jumped back as Sachiko tried stabbing her. I grabbed the girls hand and me,her and Tokiko ran out of there. We ran forever, the girl cried "sh-she..d-died right in f-front of me !" She said, "sorry about your friend.." Tokiko told her.

The 3 hid in a classroom, they knew Sachiko could just open the door so the girl pushed 2 desks and the teachers podium and barricaded the door.

The girl sat down and sighed. The other 2 spirits sat down as well.

The girl then spoke "oh yeah I never introduced myself,did I ?" "Well my name is Aiko Sakamoto..and you two are ?" We looked up at the girl "I'm Ryou Yoshizawa" Ryou looked at Tokiko "I'm Tokiko Tsuji" Aiko smiled "nice names !"

Aiko looked up at us "so why did you save me from that crazy little girl ?" She asked. "Well you..feel bad for us and that's the first time that ever happened" Tokiko answered, "so nobody cares ?" I shook my head 'no' "oh.." Tokiko then continued "most people run away from us but you and your friend actually approached us..so now we want to help you escape !" Aiko looked at us surprised "really ?!" We nodded, Aiko smiled "thank you !"
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I'm not going to lie ryou-chan is cute if he is dead or alive!
on January 22, 2016
So cute!!!
on September 14, 2014