Ryou x Yuka

Yuka meets Ryou while searching for her big brother. I ship this even if there is a big age difference :)

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Chapter 1.
Onii-chan !

Onii-chan !

"Onii-chan !"

Yuka's voice echoed through the halls of heavenly host as she called out her brothers name. "Onii-chan answer me !" She cried out. The young girl whimpered as she walked past another corpse. Suddenly she heard a big bang, something like glass fell. "O-onii-chan ?" She slid the door open slowly, she gasped as she saw the ghost of a young boy. Yuka then saw her caramel beads on the ground scattered everywhere. 'He must have knocked the jar over..'

The ghost boy sniffed the beads then he picked one up and put it in his mouth "wait ! Don't put that in your mouth !" Yuka yelled at the boy. The boy quickly turned around, she gasped and put her hand on her mouth 'I should have kept my mouth shut !' She thought.

The boy walked towards her, Yuka whimpered, she knew what the ghost children were capable of. The ghost boy took his scissors out "p-please..don't hurt me !" Yuka said as tears formed in her eyes. The boy kept getting a dark aura around him but then it dissapered. He looked to be struggling. "I..don't..want..to" he slowly said, Yuka then noticed he had no tongue.

The boy then charged at Yuka, putting his hands around her neck. "W-what are you d-doing ?" She asked nervously "GIHH IH BACK !" He yelled 'w-what ?' Ryou then strangled Yuka "ack !" She slowly lost conciseness. The ghost boy then loosened his grip once he saw a caramel bead roll by. He got off Yuka and picked up the bead and sniffed it.

Yuka took deep breaths and slowly got up. "So you like caramel huh ?" Ryou looked up at her and nodded. "I could give you a couple beads if you want me to" the boy looked at her in surprise "really ?" Yuka nodded and picked a few beads off the floor and handed them to the boy.

"My name is Yuka Mochida" Yuka said smiling, the boy looked at Yuka and smiled "Ryou Yoshizawa" Yuka then remembered seeing the name 'Ryou' in that newspaper article. "Are you the boy for that murder case ?" Ryou looked down at his feet and nodded. "Oh.." Yuka saw a tear slide down Ryou's cheek. Yuka quickly regretted mentioning it since it probably brought back horrible memories for the young boy. "Sorry for mentioning it !" She said as she hugged the boy. Ryou looked at her in surprise.

Tears slid down Ryou's face as he remembered every moment from the murder case. "I just want to go home !" He cried "I want to see mommy and daddy again !" Yuka felt bad for Ryou, she felt bad for what the boy had to experience that day.

"Hey it's ok !" Yuka said "I'm sure there's one way I can help" Yuka wasn't sure what she was saying but she wanted to help Ryou. " *sniffle* you..c-can help me..find my tongue" Ryou said awkwardly.

"Y-your..tongue ?" Ryou nodded "um ok ! I'll help you find your um..tongue !" Ryou smiled "Sachi-san hid it though.."

"She did ? Oh well don't worry we'll find it" Yuka reassured the boy. Ryou looked at Yuka happily "ok !"
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I like Tokiko x Ryou more, Ryou is more like a big brother than a boyfriend to Yuka.
on September 18, 2014
AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Love is in da air!!!~
on September 18, 2014