Memories never forgotton

Memories never forgotton

Ryou starts remembering all the fun times he had with Yuki and Tokiko before his death.

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Sitting in the corner of happiness

Sitting in the corner of happiness

Ryou was chasing a senior high girl, "ah !" She tripped on a corpse and landing face-first on the floor. "Ow.." She got up "ghott you !" I said cheerfully, she quickly turned around "n-no..don't hurt me" she said as she backed away, I walked toward her slowly just to make her more scared because it's fun scaring your victims ! "P-please.." She whispered as tears slid down her face "hahahaha !" I laughed. I then put my hands around her throat "huh?" The girl looked at me confused, I strangled the life out of the girl " *choke* *gag* *choke* " the girl's eyes rolled behind her head and she fell. I took out my scissors and stabbed the girl's eye and took it out but it wasn't as much fun,when there's no screaming.

I crossed my arms 'I should have stabbed her instead of strangling her..*sigh* stabbing more fun..' I thought. I soon felt a presence behind me so I turned around. It was a girl, she looked at me angrily. "HOW DARE YOU KILL MY FRIEND !" She yelled, she then tackled me. 'Hmm well this is a change' I thought. The girl then noticed my bloody scissors and quickly got off me. Her expression turned from angry to scared. "Y-you..don't plan on using" she pointed to my scissors "those..on me d-do you ?" I shook my head yes. The girl backed away and then ran. 'Yes ! Now I can have my fun' I thought as I chased the girl. She didn't get to far since she fell down the stairs, she landed on her butt. She rubbed her butt (why does that sound so weird ?) " that hurts" she got up and looked around "hm..guess that crazy ghost boy is gone" she walked a couple steps before I appeared in front of her. "Ah !" She said startled, I smiled creepily. She backed away. "Go..away and leave me alone !" She yelled as she ran away. I faded away and reappeared behind her. I grabbed her shirt which caused her to fall.

She landed on her arm "ow ! I think I broke my arm !" She held her arm and looked up at me. She looked super scared 'this is going to be fun ! I'll have her have a slow and painful death to make the fun last longer' I then stabbed her eye causing the girl to scream in pain "IT HURTS SO BAD !!!' She yelled. I giggled as I stabbed her eye again and again "PLEASE STOP !" She screamed again, probably hoping to have someone hear her and rescue her, well that won't happen !

I ripped her eye out and she screamed super loud this time. Her right eye was now a bloody hole which was bleeding, 'good she's still alive' I smiled,showing my teeth, and stabbed her stomach numerous amounts of times and soon her guts showed. 'Yay ! Now I can take her guts as a bonus !' I then took a handful of the girls guts and took them out "you won't need this right ?" I asked the girl but she didn't respond, she just shook and stared in shock. I shrugged and continued to take her guts out. Once all of her guts were out the girl was by now dead. 'I can't wait to see what she looks like as a ghost' I thought happily.

After that I went into one of the classrooms and sat down. Soon memories of the 'being alive' days came back to me. I could remember each and every one of the fun times I had with Tokiko and Yuki. I smiled thinking about them.

*flash back*
I ran out of the school building, school was finally out and it was Friday !!!. Today Tokiko and Yuki are sleeping over. I was super excited. I sat on the school stairs and waited for the two to come. Finally after 5 minutes Tokiko came out "Ryou !!" I could here Tokiko calling to me, I turned my head to her. "You ready for tonight ?!" She said excitedly "yeah !" I said standing up "where's Yuki-chan ?" I asked "she's coming, her teacher just wanted to talk to her" I nodded. We then waited for a couple minutes and she then came running out of the school building. "Hey ! You guys !" She called to us "Yuki- chan !" We said in unison.

The three of us ran to my moms car. Yuki called shot gun so she got to sit in front so me and Tokiko sat in back. Tokiko opened her bag and showed me some cool things she had in there. "And I got this bunny eraser from the store down town" she told me, she let me keep a few of them "I'll treasure them forever !" I had said smiling. Me and Tokiko made a pinki promise after that.

*flash back over*
I thought about the erasers 'I put them on my night stand that night..' I thought, I teared up 'I broke my promise..' Another thought came to me.

*flash back*
Me and Tokiko rode our bikes up and down the street. We talked about school,friends,secrets everything !
Tokiko then fell off her bike "Tokiko !" I quickly got off my bike and rushed to her side. Tokiko started crying, I (somehow) picked her up and carried her to the sidewalk. I put her head in my lap, a teenage boy walked by us and stared at me as if I had 2 heads "what are you lookin at ?!" I yelled at him, he quickly walked by. I then turned my head towards Tokiko and saw she fell asleep. I chuckled 'wow..' I thought, I then smiled.

*flash back over*
I smiled thinking about that moment 'knowing Tokiko she probably forgot..' Another memory came back.

*flash back*
Me,Yuki and Tokiko had gym class together. We were playing basketball and were on the same team. I shot a basketball into the hoop "and this team wins !" The coach announced as he waved his green flag. The other team looked at us angrily "beaten by little kids..that ruins my reputation" one of the older kids mumbled to himself.

One of the kids from the team came up to me. "Hey kid" I turned around and looked up,  he looked pretty angry "do you know what I had to go through ?" I looked at him confused, he grabbed my shirt collar and lifted me up "I had my friends teasing me about me loosing to you three !" He yelled angrily, he then pushed me against the lockers. "Now you will pay" he said through gritted teeth, he put his hand into a fist and was ready to punch me when..
Yuki came running and tackled the guy,causing me to land on my butt. "Ryou !" Yuki helped me up "you ok ?" I nodded. Yuki pointed to the guy "I'm telling the principal !" She threatened, she took my hand "come on Ryou-kun"

*flash back over*
'How could I ever forget that moment ?' I thought as I leaned against the wall.

*flash back*
Tokiko and Yuki were over my house,we were doing homework together.
And,guess what ? The great thing about Yuki being older than us was that she knows more and can help with homework. "So what you do is" Yuki was explaining to Tokiko how to subtract "ohh ! I get it" Tokiko then wrote down the answer "yup ! Great job you did it correctly !" Yuki then ruffled Tokiko's hair. She then walked over to me "Ryou need help on anything ?" I shook my head 'no' "I'm good at math so no..but I do have spelling so I might need help on that" I hurried up and finished my math homework and called Yuki over to help me with spelling.

*flash back over*
I always remembered thinking of Yuki as a mom during those days.

*flash back*
Me and Tokiko were hanging out at the park. We were swinging on the swings. "So who do you have a crush on ?" Tokiko asked me, I instantly blushed "um why do you need to know ?" Tokiko smiled "because I want to !" I looked down "uh Akira.." I said quietly "pfft ! I can do better !" I looked at her "are you..?" "No" Tokiko quickly answered. She jumped off her swing "you can't catch me" she said as she ran off, I jumped off my swing as well "oh yes I can !" I chased after her.
We played 'chase' for the rest of the afternoon before the ice cream truck came by and we got ice cream.

*flash back over*
' *sigh* ice cream..' Tokiko then came in the room and sat next to me "did you come to find me ?" I asked,Tokiko nodded "why ?" Tokiko shrugged, she laid her head in my lap "you do remember that moment.." Tokiko nodded. "*gurlgle* *gulp*" (translation: I miss being alive) I nodded "me too.." We sat there in silence.
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