Yuka Mochida

Yuka Mochida

This is Yuka's POV on what had happened at heavenly host. Hope you guys like it :)

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Chapter 1.
Yuka meets Kizami

Yuka meets Kizami

Onii-chan and me have been wandering around heavenly host for some time now, I wonder when we'll get back home? It's probably past dinner time now..

I clung onto onii-chan's arm, I was very scared. "Onii-chan" I whined "hm? What's wrong Yuka?" He asked as he looked down at me. "Yuka..has..to go..pee !" I said as I tried to hold it in. "Ok! Let's look for a bathroom then"

We then looked for bathrooms for quite some time now and I don't think I can hold it in anymore! I tugged on onii-chan's sleeve "onii-chan Yuka can't hold it in anymore!" I said as I struggled to keep my bladder in. "Well do you think you can go outside?" I thought for a moment "y-yeah I think so.." Onii-chan nodded and we looked for a way outside. While looking we ran into this little girl with a tattered red dress. Her bangs hid her face and she looked emotionless. "Hello" onii-chan said to her "are you lost in this school as well?" The girl nodded "oh..so this school traps little kids here as well..how horrible" onii-chan muttered.

The girl also joined us, and I have to admit but she's so cute ! Hehe. We eventually made it outside. I finally could go pee ! Yay :)

"Ok Yuka so if anything happens just scream ok ?" Onii-chan said to me, I nodded, "and whatever you do don't go near the forest" I nodded once more. I turned to the little girl "hey could you come with me?" "Sure Onee-chan" I was called Onee-chan ? "Onee..haha !" Me and the girl ran off. I saw Onii-chan smile and he walked off.

I climbed over the fence, I then noticed a girl who was missing an eye "give it back.." She said to me. I looked around "where did that girl go?" I looked back and the girl was in my face "GIVE IT BACK!!!" I screamed. I quickly got down and ran back inside as fast as I could go.

"Onii-chaaan !" I yelled, I shut the door behind me. "Onii-chan? Onii-chan?" I looked around frantically "onii-chan where did you go?! Onii-chan please answer me!" I got tears in my eyes "ONII-CHAN !!!!"

I walked around the school, scared. I looked around. Each room I went into smelled horrible like rotting flesh..oh wait. I felt like breaking down and crying my eyes out. I missed onii-chan, I missed mom and dad, I missed being home.

I continued my search for onii-chan and eventually found myself in front of a room. I could hear a camera flashing from inside "onii-chan?..is that you?" I wondered as I slid the door open. I walked in the room and saw one of onii-chan's friends, Morshige I think his name was..

Morshige turned around "oh hello aren't you Mochida's sister?" He asked me "uh-huh" I then pointed to the dead body on the ground "why are you taking pictures of that corpse?" I asked him. "Oh I just find the bodies very interesting that's all" I suddenly became scared of him.

"You don't  mind if I do this to the corpse do you?" He then hit the corpses head with the crowbar. "Nng.." I covered my eyes, The corpse starting bleeding.

Morshige started to laugh, I backed away,  he then stood up and charged at me with his crowbar. I quickly ran 'onii-chan please save me..I don't like this!' I thought as I ran away from Morshige. "Yuka? why are you running away?" Morshige kept repeating "Yuka! Come out!"

I found a hole in the floor and quickly jumped down it and hid. "Onii-chan.." I whispered as tears streamed down my face. "Playing hide and go seek in this kind of place?" A voice asked me "ah!" I noticed it wasn't Morshige. "Onii-chan! Why did you leave me all alone? You liar!" I looked up, wait..this isn't onii-chan..

"Your not onii-chan.." "No I'm Yuuya Kizami" he told me "oh well I'm Yuka Mochida" he then helped me out of the hole. "Judging by how you just called me your onii-chan I'm guessing your looking for your brother?" I nodded "well what a coincidence I'm actually looking for my little sister..poor thing she's probably crying from being all alone.." I felt bad for Yuuya, he must be really worried about his little sister.

"Aha! Found you Yuka!" Morshige yelled to me, I hid behind Yuuya "please help me" Yuuya looked down at me "I see..so that's why you were hiding" he looked back up at Morshige and pulled out a knife. "I'll protect you Yuka!"

The two charged at each other, Morshige tried to stab him but missed, Yuuya managed to stab him though. Morshige coughed up blood, Kizami put the knife deeper into his skin, he ripped the knife out and caused blood to spray everywhere.

"Ah!" I instantly got scared, I guess this is what Kizami is really like...

Morshige fell onto the ground, in a pool of blood. He flopped around like a fish on land. "Onii-chan save me!" I yelled, the ground suddenly started shaking,another earthquake?

Stuff fell from the ceiling and everything got all messed up. "Ahh!" I hid my face in my hands. "Don't Yuka onii-chan's coming!" I backed away "your not my onii-chan!" I yelled to him.

I quickly turned around and ran. Ran as fast as my legs could carry me. "Run Rabbit Run!" Yuuya yelled to me.
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Comments (3)

Awww I thought it would be the game and not the Anime...Oh well! ^.^
on January 27, 2015
I agree that the anime was sad, buts it is one of my all-time fav animes, lol cool story though
on November 19, 2014
I really hated the anime of that...I know it was based off a game, but the anime was just plain sad.
on September 20, 2014