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Qfeasters trapped on an island
The beginning is based of titanic. But eight people make it on to an island and are trapped there and must survive. Qfeasters are in the story.
133 reads 28 readers 12
Hidden Secrets Book One
It all started with two pups... Dune and Storm live in the world of packs, and slowly as they grow older, a new darkness arises. Disloyalty and distrust wreck them through a sorrowful and surprising life, and a never ending reg...
12 reads 3 readers 5
Flames Burning, Beginning to end Book seven
Memories. Battle. Two things Flamingwhisper is stuck in between. The bloody battle has begun, and only Star Shine knows who will survive...
28 reads 5 readers 7
Flames Burning, The Bloody Battle Book Six
Stonefeather has gotten the prophecy, he knows what he has to do, defeat the tiger. The dark forest has entered to the ground world through the portal, Star shine has to be stronger then ever. In the end, The Bloody Battle begi...
40 reads 5 readers 3
Flames Burning, Hidden secrets book five
Volestar is slowly finding out about the star organization, finding each secret along the way. Stonefeather himself, is digging up the real prophecy. By and by, secrets can never be hidden forever.
36 reads 4 readers 2
The Route Through FelineTale: Genocide Edition
Frisk, a small mouse fallen from the 'surface world', falls into a large mountain where the Felines of legend hide, and stalk the place till a mouse falls down. This is an undertale AU I made up, so I hope you enjoy this story!...
19 reads 7 readers 3
Warriors Flames Burning, Stars Shining Book Four
After the pointless journey to the mountains, Flamingwhisper is happy to be back to Forest clan. Soon he finds out his dearly loved brother, Stonefeather, has been kicked out. Although soon Flamingwhisper not so sad, his new ma...
40 reads 7 readers 0
Into The Wild,The Tiger's Shadow Book one
Star a little kitten is brought into the world of the Wilds. She meets a panther kit named Shadow, and meets his adopted father Striker. A horrible plan is happening right under their noses, and as Star keeps on going, she find...
43 reads 6 readers 16
Warriors Flames Burning, A Starting Journey book three
Sparrow's call will awake the Robin, that kills the tiger. But a Flame will scorch he Lion , but in the end Flame will kill all... Nightwing and Stonefeather's kits are growing older, and some how the parents have to split the ...
46 reads 6 readers 1
Warriors Flames Burning, Tiger Rising book two
Sparrow's call will awake the Robin, that kills the tiger. But a flame will scorch the lion, but in the end flame will kill all... When Flamingpaw tells his sister that he's part of the prophecy, she hates him. Stonefeather fin...
47 reads 5 readers 0
Ferndusk's Fate
This is about my ThunderClan oc Ferndusk I hope you enjoy! I will be releasing these by chapterd so stay tooned!
9 reads 6 readers 7
Voldemort's Birthday Party
It's Voldy's 54th birthday! He is such an evil weirdo, and is having a big party! See who comes and how the party goes!
121 reads 35 readers 8
I was on when I came across this short cute Sandfire story.
63 reads 48 readers 9
Some quotes for you to enjoy! Of course, I can't take all of the credit, as others have thought of these quotes. I would also like to thank the internet. I will add more as soon as I can!
91 reads 33 readers 3
Love for a Cat
Basically, this is about a cat who is abused, and tries to find a home. You might cry a little.
69 reads 23 readers 4
The Epic Adventure Of My Ass 2.0
This is the story of how my ass turned into a dolphin and we fell in love. Will our dolphin and human love survive or will he be turned to sushi while I am forever without an ass.
77 reads 18 readers 11
A Little Bit of...
A little bit of normal... A little bit of crazy... A little bit of Gjinka... A little bit of forest... A little bit of magic! Hai! This is the book that I'm adding y'all's OCs from the question "Volunteers" (I'm always open for...
40 reads 7 readers 11