Warriors Flames burning, The sight of a new way, book one

Warriors Flames burning, The sight of a new way, book one

Sparrow's call will awake the robin, that kills the tiger, But a flame will scorch the lion, but in the end flame will kill all... A new prophecy has formed, Flamingkit and others are chosen to complete it. Stonepaw Flamingpaw's brother finds himself in love! And The dark forest, though is trying to get Flamingpaw.

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Chapter 1.
Chapter One

Chapter One

"The three are absolutely restless!" growled Foxwing, "your kits are eventually going to step on mine!" "Foxwing, I will talk to my kits" Doveheart nodded, and added, "but, It's Volestar's fault. He hasn't made any apprentices!" "Doveheart, you mousebrain!" Foxwing hissed, "your kits are only five moons!" "Does it not concern you that their going to be six moons tomorrow?" Doveheart spat at the other queen. "Like I would know that! They're not my kits!" Foxwing howled. "Well, you are a queen. I would think that you've been here long enough to know that!" Doveheart yowled louder.
A pale red tom poked his head in, "please stop fighting, your disturbing the camp". Doveheart growled in response, but Foxwing smiled. "Redclaw! Thank  you for coming in!" Foxwing's voice was sweet, "your kits are outside". Redclaw smiled, he sprinting out of the den to see his kits. Foxwing smirked at Doveheart, then she laughed. Doveheart let out a faint sigh, she and Foxwing had been enemies for as long as she could remember...
It started on a snowy evening, they were apprentices. Foxwing was making fun of Sandpaw, laughing at his small mouse he had caught. When Doveheart saw this she stood up for Sandpaw, "Hey, Foxpaw why don't you go stuff your mouth with a mouse?". Foxwing had spun around to face her, "oh really? Guess what? NO". "Leave Sandpaw alone, bet you couldn't even catch a worm in this weather!" Doveheart had growled. Hissing with fury, Foxwing hurled herself at Doveheart. They had a viscous fight, claws unsheathed. Finally, Duskweb a warrior broke them apart. But by the end, they were covered in blood.
Doveheart shook her head, letting the memory dissolve. She stood up, and walked out of the nursery. "Mom! Look at me beating Dewkit!" it was Flamingkit, one of Doveheart's kits. She looked at them, a amused look on her face. "Kits,  I'm going to talk to the leader. Be good!" Doveheart smiled, she wasn't going to ask Foxwing to watch her kits.
Doveheart raced towards the leader's den, anger was rising up in her. "Volestar, can I come in?" she asked, hiding her anger. "Of course Doveheart!" he sounded happy. As she stepped in, Volestar was sitting in his nest. Doveheart sat down and started talking, "Volestar, as you should know my kits are turning six moons tomorrow" "But you have made no plans with me!" her anger was coming off in waves. "Yes, well, um, I forgot" Volestar stammered. "YOU FORGOT???" Doveheart yowled. "I'm sorry! We'll have go on tomorrow" Volestar quickly covered up his forgetfulness. "Good" Doveheart hissed, as she padded out of the den. Doveheart was stubborn, had ambition, and was protective. Any cat who knew her, knew that.
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