Warriors Flames burning, The sight of a new way, book one

Ok so for anyone who actually reads the disc. this is a rewrite and the old story is not published anymore!

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Chapter 1.
Overview of Flamingkit.

Overview of Flamingkit.

Foxwing was a red rust colored queen with beetles for eyes she had a long snout and skinny limbs, she was a mother of two kits one a tom and one a she-cat. Foxwing had fell in love with the deputy Dusktooth, a handsome talented hunter with pale white fur and dark grey markings, and ended up having kits together. They originally had three kits one kit was a runt and only a few breaths into life got smashed by his brother and died. The killer kit Foxwing refused to name the kit and soon had to be named by another queen who named him Orangekit after his fur color, the queen was named Doveheart and she would be the closest mother Orangekit would have.
         Foxwing left her tom kit in a hateful shadow to focus on her she-cat kit Dewkit, Dewkit despite the wanting of Foxwing played with what she would know as Killerkit for a while. Doveheart at the time had a single kit one moon from becoming an apprentice, the kit was named Flamingkit and had survived green-cough while his brothers had not. But Flamingkit didn't make it out of the nursery before a fallen branch killed him.
         Broken-hearted Doveheart renamed Orangekit Flamingkit, Foxwing did nothing to stop the queen from renaming her kit or report that Doveheart was slowly going mad. Flamingkit was Doveheart's only hope and this might have what destroyed Flamingkit in the end...
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