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How do you be a nice person?
I always was a mean person so I only have a few friends. Though I never plan to change my personality I do want to be a little more nice. But... I really don’t know how. What do I do? What do I say? HELP?!
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Why are you a Vegetarian/Meat eater?
So if you are a Meat eater like me, do you have any reasons? And I want to hear some reasons for being vegan, since I'm not one myself. I will start friendly arguments in the comment section so sry if I offend anyone.
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What are your thoughts on furries?
I personally am ok with furries, the style is cool and it's pretty awesome. What about you?
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What are you thoughts on gender roles?
As a tomboy, I hate these! You?
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What is your favourite movie? (That's on netflix)
I'm bored and have nothing to watch so what do you suggest?
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What's your best non-swear insults?
Post as many as you want! I just need a few insults to win against my freind, I know the basic ones like: Your birthday cirtificate was an apology letter Were you born on a highway? Cause that's were most accidents happen I wo...
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If space is infinite, why is it ever expanding?
If you can be one fictional character in the entire world wich would it be?
So you find something that would make you live as one character, from any fandom, wich would it be?
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If you can live in one fandom which will it be?
So you can bring one fandom universe to life and live as a character in that universe, what fandom do you choose? (Warriorcats)
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What ship really grinds your gears? (Warriorcats)
Any warriorcats ship makes you want to throw your device at a wall? I HATE scourge x ashfur, what's your hatred?
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