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She wanders around the town at night, tears stained into her eyes. Her sickly figure shows that she has never been fed. Her shadow moves slowly... The sky is filled with- nothing... The town's people... Lying in bed, terrified....
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The Devil Lured You In
Have you ever wondered why we do bad things? Why we didn't choose to forever be with Satan? Do you ever wonder what it was like in the spirit world? With Satan? Well, these are the made-up battles of God and Satan, Enjoy!
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Kianto x Elli
Kianto hates Elli, yet Elli likes Kianto. Kianto has another girl... Elli doesn't know what to do. Read to find out if Kianto accept's Elli's love.
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'She swiftly ran up the hill, panting at the top, her breath shaky in the winter wind. She quickly looked behind her and jumped... It wasn't a hill. It was a cliff.'
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Mysteries of Wind Lake
'She twirled the knife in her hand and walked away from the graveyard. Mye lay next to a tree near the graveyard. Minx didn't notice her. Minx swiftly turned around a couple minutes later. "Mye." she whispered, and threw her kn...
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Some random website I found. It's weird because it was deleted yesterday.
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