'She swiftly ran up the hill, panting at the top, her breath shaky in the winter wind. She quickly looked behind her and jumped... It wasn't a hill. It was a cliff.'

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Chapter 1.

Meet n' Greet

        "Ms. Kenser! I have to go meet my mom after school!" she practically yelled. The bell rang, "I don't care. Now run along to your last period and meet me back here." she shook her had, no, and ran down the hallway to get to gym. She grabbed the corner and thumped down the stairs. She did a cartwheel once, and ran down the hallway. "Sorry I'm late!" she had ran into the wrong classroom, and her face went red. "Sorry!" the teacher pointed behind her, and Sandy looked. The gym was behind her. She burst into tears and fell on the floor. She got a meeting with the school counselor. She screamed as the gym teacher grabbed her arm and pulled her up the stairs, "Sandy, you gotta calm down."

        Sandy smiled after the fake out. She stopped when the principal walked in and directed her to the room where she would meet her counselor, "Sandy, why did you, well... I wan't like to be rude, but... Why did you freak out?" She had a lovely British accent and Sandy smiled, "Your accent is cool." she bounced excitedly in her seat. The bell rang. School was out. The counselor sighed, "Go meet your mom." Sandy froze in place. She didn't have a mom. So she panicked, "Well, um... She can't meet with me today heh..." The counselor pointed to the door, "Goodbye sandy, " "Bye?" She froze in the doorway, "Miss counselor, can I schedule a meeting tomorrow?" The counselor nodded, and Sandy signed up for another meeting. Sandy Darted into Ms. Kenser's room. She plopped down and threw her backpack across the room, at the pile of backpacks. Ms. Kenser grumbled and grabbed Sandy's arm, pulling her out of class. She shoved Sandy into the detention room, and threw her backpack at her. Sandy widened her eyes, and looked up at Mr. Micklin. He was tall and scary. He threw her in her seat, and she quickly slipped out of the door, garbbing his wallet, unnoticed. She locked eyes with her counselor, "M-m-miss counselor! Did you see any of that..." Her counselor sighed, "Sandy, meeting. Now." Sandy giggled, her accent was so awesome. But, Sandy couldn't let that distract her, she grabbed her backpack out of the detention room, "Sandy, give him his wallet back." Sandy screamed, "No!"

        And sandy grabbed a knife out of her backpack, and stabbed the counselor. The counselor fell to the ground, and she quickly looked behind her. Mr. Micklin was behind her. She growled and hissed, and he threw the knife out of her hand, and grabbed her wrists so she couldn't fight. He called 911, and Sandy bit and scratched and hissed. She was practically acting like a wild animal. His skin was rough and thick, not even causing him a scratch. The police arrived, and threw her in the police car. She watched the ambulance take her counselor away. Sandy struggled, and tried to get out of her handcuffs. Her mouth foamed, just like a dog... She slipped out of her seat belt, and hurled herself forward, knocking the police car into the ambulance. They were in the forest, so no reporters or anything found them, dead. Sandy slipped out and dragged herself back to civilization, she was merely a bloody heap of a kid.

        Her handcuffs slipped right off. Another ambulance found her, and she was taken to the hospital. It took five weeks for her wounds to be fixed, sewn up, and heal. She got out of the hospital and attacked the doctor. The look of horror on her face when the FBI surrounded the building was, well, horrible. She snapped back to her human senses, and cried as the police took her to an asylum. She threw herself against the padded walls when they locked her up. She cried for ages, it seemed. But then someone slipped a tray of food into the cell. She ate slowly, still crying. She was taken out of the cell the next day. She couldn't see, she still had tears stinging her eyes. She was thrown into a car, and drove off, being tossed around the backseat. She finally opened her eyes. It was her counselor. Sandy sat in the backseat, silent. The car stopped, which awoke her from her nap. She sat upright and looked around her. She was still in the car. The counselor smiled and said, "It's 1:00 a.m. We should get you to bed." Sandy smiled at the familiar accent. She was then tossed into a police car, again. Her counselor protested by shooting one of the cops. She was then thrown into the car, on top of Sandy. They both lied there, passed out. They both woke up in a cell, in an asylum. Her counselor slowly stood up. She pulled a gun out of her pocket. She was truly insane...
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