The Devil Lured You In

The Devil Lured You In

Have you ever wondered why we do bad things? Why we didn't choose to forever be with Satan? Do you ever wonder what it was like in the spirit world? With Satan? Well, these are the made-up battles of God and Satan, Enjoy!

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The Creation~

                               Ellon's POV~


        Satan waved his staff at Elise, "Fetch me some purified water, fresh from a lake." Elise nodded and quickly scattered away. I was up next... Last week Brother Helen had to massage Satan's feet... Satan said Brother Helen was doing it wrong, and sentenced him to a hanging.

        My palms were sweaty from my last chore, pulling a cart seven miles. I had my fingers crossed behind my back, hoping I would get something easier. With a wave of his staff, Satan commanded, "Go sabautauge Elise. Kill her if needed, she is too weak, and useless, as well as spacey. But I am forbidden ffrom harming any child under the age of eight, but there is no rule against a ten tear old doing it for me." A sick smile spread across his face, while I was pale as butter. He snapped his staff on the floor once, strike one. You get three strikes, and once they are up, slam. Death by Satan, the worst kind. Some souls offer to let God kill them, for they love God, and are willing to sacrafice lived for him. I clenched my fist, and ran as fast as I could, following Elise's trail. I finally found her, scooping up water from a lake. My face was now pale as snow. I felt sick to my stomach, the thought of killing Elise... It crepped through my mind, crawling across... I held my breath, and tears filled my eyes. I picked up a sharp stick, and I wearily creeped up behind her.

        She was humming a sweet tune, and I was just about to burst out crying, but I had to do it for my family's life. I stabbed Elis in the back, blood flying in all directions, her body contaminating the lake, I cried into my hands, for about ten minutes, then I decided to head back. I wiped my face, and stood up, clenching my fists. When I got back, I was payed, and fined for the tools. I only get payed about six annyun every week. It's quite much, for a child at least. I splashed water on my face, and went to bed. A couple hours later, I awoke to Elise in my dream, skipping through a meadow, in a beautiful white gown. She stopped, and looked at me, whispering, "It's okay, it's for five's good." she had tears in her eyes, and she slowly faded away. I kew what she meant, 'for fiv's good,' my family has five members. I coulnd't sleep at all that night... And in the morning I lied on my bed, tears in eyes, motionless.

        Everybody thought I was dead, and so they let me lie there, crying silently. Satan heard f this, and sensed life from me. He sentenced me to be killed by the lake, stoned to death. Everyone in the kingdom grabbed a rock. The tied me up and took me to the lake. I was just a ten year old boy, I didn't deserve to be killed! I was thrown by the lake, On top on Elise's body... I struggled to get away, but the rocks flew... Pain stung my heart... Blood was underneath me... The blackness filled my eyes...
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