Kianto x Elli

Kianto x Elli

Kianto hates Elli, yet Elli likes Kianto. Kianto has another girl... Elli doesn't know what to do. Read to find out if Kianto accept's Elli's love.

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Chapter 1.

Whats up

Elli~ Wazzup Ki
Kianto~ I told you not to call me that -Gets angry-
Elli~ Calm down Ki-ki
Kianto~ I hate you.
Elli~ I hate you to =^-^=
Kianto~ How are you always so happy?
Elli~ I eat rainbow chunks for breakfast.
Kianto~ Those things fill you up with sugar.
Elli~ I know =^-^=
Kianto~ I hate cats.
Elli~ I know =^-^=
Kianto~ It doesn't help that you're part cat.
Elli~ Whatever =^-^=
Mikatu~ JUST SHUT UP! -Cries into hands-
Kianto~ Who-?
Elli~ Who dat?
Mikatu~ Sorry
Elli~ Were you talking to us?
Mikatu~ no...
Kianto~ Whatever -Starts walking home when someone grabs his arm-
Elli~ -Grabs Kianto's arm- Kianto wait...
Kianto~ -Jerks arm free- Don't talk to me -Hair covers his face-
Elli~ Can we be friends?
Kianto~ -Grinds teeth- No. A fox and a puny little cat can never be friends.
Elli~ But -Eyes get teary-
Mikatu~ Elli lets go. -Grabs Elli's arm and pulls her-
Kianto~ -Continues walking down the sidewalk with hands in pockets-
Elli~ -He fades out of view- Kianto...
Mikatu~ He's bad Elli, we can't be near him... It's too dangerous for us cats.
Elli~ No! -Breaks free from her grip, running towards Kianto-
Kianto~ ...
Elli~ -Falls on ground, grabbing his pant leg-
Kianto~ What the-
Elli~ -Crying- Kianto!
Kianto~ Um
Elli~ -Crying- Kianto please!
Kianto~ No.
Elli~ -Cries louder and digs fingernails into his leg-
Kainto~ OW!
Elli~ Why kianto! Why not! -Cries harder-
Kianto~ Stop it!
Elli~ -Crying-
Kianto~ -Thinks- She's really sad ._.
Elli~ Kiannnto!!!
Kianto~ -Thinks- Mikatu please drag her away, it's extremely awkward ._.
Elli~ -Crying-
Mikatu~ -Grabs elli's leg and pulls her away-
Elli~ no! Kianto! -Scratches nails on sidewalk-
Kianto~ ._.
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