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Random luuurve stories <3
boooreeddd so I'm gonna make up some little love stories if anyone wants to read :) this is probably the most girly, disgusting thing I will ever write -_- WARNING: contains fair amount of soppy and cheesy stuff
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These are not fairy tales. Ok, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides the other night again and got inspired by the deadly mermaids. I loved how they made them more like the original dark creepy monsters that lured s...
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The Judge and his Friend
Story I heard, see if you can guess who they are Anyone who knows the judge in real life, you are a very lucky person :)
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Don't tell
This is a random dream I just had, short to read if you're lazy like me :)
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The Train
Ghost story I wrote for English, thought I'd upload it cos I'm not gonna upload my other stories as 2 people know who I am so...
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