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Hypowered Club RP
A hidden club after school for teens with supernatural powers. Set in modern America. Kudos to Fandom for all the ideas, it's your page ;) Just the pagemaker here
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French Revolution RP
The year is 1788. Bread prices are rising but wages are not. You can be part of the 1st estate/class (the clergy: archbishop, bishop, village priest, monk, nun) 2nd estate/class (nobles who inherit land, wealth) 3rd estate/clas...
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Apocalypse RP
Global warming has caused a rise in tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes around the world. In the year 2114, the power has been cut in most areas of the world.
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Quote requests
Post a quote and I can embellish it, do stuff to dramatize it and whatever. Specify if you want colour. Collages will take longer, colour will also take longer.
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Sherlock fanpage
I can't believe there are zero Sherlock pages on here. So I'm making one :D
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Doctor Who RP
Whovian RP :D Be a Time Lord or Lady, or a companion. Or a TARDIS :D Or a villain *evil face*
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Alien RP
Be a being from another planet, tentacles, weird bodily functions, strange customs. Just for the sake of it, the space bar where it takes place has a built in translator. So everyone can understand each other :D
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Circus RP
Be whatever you like, acrobat, animal act, clown, contortionist etc. I am the Ringmaster :) but I'll make up more ocs :D it's a gypsy type thing. They're kind to the animals, no ranting about animal rights. Go to an animal welf...
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Victorian RP
This is set in London (WHOO) about Charles Dickens' time (1865 roughly) Yep, you're either rich or poor on this one, not really an in between at this stage.
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Write your favourite quotes here, where it's from if you can (if you don't try look it up) who said/wrote it (if it's you then yay :) go you)
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