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Myth High School
This is the story about students in a crazy high school with evil creatures for teachers that try to assassinate their students almost every day. This story is from a third person point of view, so I don't have to worry about s...
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My insane backstory! ( Real life )
This is pretty much how I came to be! I have to keep blabbing because of the qfeast requirements...
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My sonic OC
I'm sure whoever's reading this knows about my sonic OC, lucky. She's always using powers that I never mention. So, here's the info you need to know about lucky!
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The name of the game
I've taken your characters and put them into a story! But anyway, yana was selected to be in this game where you have to survive with the resources you have...
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Lunar tale
Lunar Aisha is a normal girl. Until the duporal attack earth! Lunar must train herself in the ways of the moon warriors to defeat these enemies. The powers she must acquire will be rewarded to her as she learns the ways of her ...
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Ask or dare! (Sword art online)
I have taken five of your asks and dares from the page and put them together. If you're not featured, I'll put your in the next one. I'll put your names and then the ask and/or dare!
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FNAF sister location story (night one)
Julie wakes up in an elevator heading down to an underground storage area, which I know for its animatronics, that are rented for parties. But can she survive them?
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Short inuyasha story part 7
I just couldn't stand two weeks without writing these! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy part seven in the short inuyasha stories!
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Short inuyasha story part 6
I can't believe we made it to part six! Last time, kiohai and Kirara were spewed with FIRE by sesshomaru! Will they Survive? Well, it's pretty obvious that they do, because I said that they survived in the last one... definitel...
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Short inuyasha story part 5
Remember there is random line breaks, and this is barely a short story!
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Short inuyasha story part 4
I can't really call this a short story anymore, but... DEAL WITH IT! B-)
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Short inuyasha story part 3
Kiohai meets a tiger-like demon thing and names it Kirara, and finds some things out about feudal Japan! Btw before you ask, kiohai is kind of my version of Sango, but with a different storyline.
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Short inuyasha story: part 2
The continued version of the story of the girl who fell into an enchanted well.
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Short inuyasha story
Kiohai falls into a well that is known to lead people to the feudal age of Japan, and she meets strange people. Can you guess who they are?
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