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About Me (The Little Zombie)
Curious about the zombie? Well now you can learn all you need about your undead little friend~
18 reads 13 readers 0 profile storyby YandereQueen
Summer Camp Story
I made this story before but due to mainly my pure laziness I didn't finihs it so this is a remake! I want to thank: @Chocolate_And_Cheese, @Lady_Artems, @Noko_The_Chocolatey_Neko, @Rebel_Assasin, @Yamilettethehedgehog101, @Kin...
444 reads 29 readers 139 by sapphirethehedgehog
Glitched In
When Steven is sucked into his favorite game, Minecraft, he must try to get out.
35 reads 29 readers 19 by TurtleLover96
The Story of Ari
If You wanna be in this story! I have a character Submission where you can create a character and i'll put it in my story! Ari, 15 year old, Human Animal and maybe is the last of her species..The FBI noticed her and her life h...
638 reads 22 readers 236 by TheSkysTheLimit