Short inuyasha story part 6

Short inuyasha story part 6

I can't believe we made it to part six! Last time, kiohai and Kirara were spewed with FIRE by sesshomaru! Will they Survive? Well, it's pretty obvious that they do, because I said that they survived in the last one... definitely go check out the other ones! I'm becoming a YouTuber and click baiting... oh god...

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FIIIIIIRE!!!! (Frankenstein reference)

"ahhhhhhhhh!" Screamed kiohai as she was attacked by the fire sent by sesshomaru. Kirara let out a long howl. "Oh, you just don't know when to quit, weakling." Said sesshomaru. "Now you will be burnt to the crisp." "You don't get it, do you?" Asked kiohai, opening one eye. "I have this armor, and Kirara's a demon, and plus! Bad guys NEVER win in any books! And they won't win in real life! So just cut the attempts to kill me and chill out!" At that moment, kiohai pulled the boomerang from her back and held it in front of her and Kirara. Sesshomaru stopped using the random flame thrower and said, "you are a feisty one." Kiohai watched as he jumped out of a tree. He stood in front of the group. "So you're kiohai." He said to kiohai. "Yeah she's kiohai! What are you gonna do about it?" Asked kagome. "Shh!" Said kiohai. She felt tingling in her left arm. She looked at it, and saw fire crackling on top of it. "Hey! Make a girl catch fire? Geez, for inuyahsa's brother, you're evil! And I'm kind of used to it by now!" Said kiohai as she shook out the fire from her arm. She looked at Kirara and asked, "are you okay, Kirara?" Kirara looked at kiohai and nodded. He growled at sesshomaru. "Do you think your cat will do any harm to me?" Asked sesshomaru. "heck yeah! You look and talk tough, but you're such a coward

that you just stand there, threat, and do long-distance attacks!" Said kiohai. "How many times do I have to say to not tempt him to annihilate you?" Asked inuyasha. "Annihilate? Ha! This guy? He just stands there and tries to look cool!" Apparently, that was sesshomau's last straw, because he jumped into the air and transformed into a giant dragon-like snake demon thing! Kiohai turned back around and looked up. "Oh, this is gonna be fun." She said, taking out her boomerang. Sesshomaru smiled with sharp teeth. Kiohai jumped off of Kirara. "Kirara, you need to run." She said. "Aaaaand so do I! And so do all of you!" "Good call!" Said shippo. He ran off. "Yeah. We need to train kiohai some more before she battles powerful demons." Said miroku. Suddenly, sesshomaru let out a loud roar. He disappeared into dust. "Wow! He's just a coward!" Said inuyasha. "Agreed, but miroku's right! We have to train kiohai before she fights!" Said kagome. Kiohai jumped back onto Kirara and turned. "Well, let's get going." She said, and the group ran back to the village. But back at the clearing, sesshomaru was watching them. "That girl... she is more than she seems..." he smiled. "She is powerful. And not because of the shikon jewel shards. She has the star power. But I must keep her from using it. And I will keep inuyasha and her group from discovering it."
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Guys, just a heads up! When I finish part ten, part 11 and so on will be called 'the final act: reborn'! So look for that when you finish part ten!
on April 10, 2017