Short inuyasha story part 3

Short inuyasha story part 3

Kiohai meets a tiger-like demon thing and names it Kirara, and finds some things out about feudal Japan! Btw before you ask, kiohai is kind of my version of Sango, but with a different storyline.

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Chapter 1.


Kiohai looked up at inuyasha. When he looked her way, she quickly looked in the other direction. She ran into the forest. When she ran into a tree, she stopped. How did she not miss the tree? Then she realized that she was looking at a ginourmous tiger-like demon. It had red eyes and fire on its sides. It had fire for a tail. It slowly walked towards kiohai. Kiohai pressed her back against the tree. The demon was getting closer. It's sharp fangs glimmered in the sunlight. As it crept loser, kiohai noticed it was limping. She saw a large gash on its leg. She wanted to help it, but how? It stopped limping. It bowed it's head down. Kiohai knew it was friendly then. She stood up and walked towards it. She examined it's leg. There was a claw inside of its leg. She gently pulled it out. The creature winced. Kiohai found some leaves to wrap his leg in. She placed them on his leg. "There. That better?" She asked calmly in a gentle voice. The demon looked at kiohai, seeming to smile. "I'll name you Kirara." Said kiohai, hugging it. It might've seemed strange for a friendship to begin so quickly with a demon, but there was something in Kirara's eyes that made kiohai sure he was kind. Inuyasha and kagome burst out of the trees, followed by miroku and shippo. Shippo stumbled backward, seeing kiohai with the demon. Kirara

growled at the strangers. "Easy, boy. They're friends." Said kiohai in a soothing voice. "How did you..." asked kagome. "I helped it. It was hurt." Said kiohai. "I told you she was a demon!" Said inuyasha, with his claws outstretched. "Sit, boy!" Said kagome. Inuyasha fell face-first on the ground. Kiohai laughed. Miroku's eyes were so wide, you would think his eyes would pop right out of his head. He flung his hand forward, and removed a cloth glove thing from it. There was a large hole in his hand, and there was a strong sucking wind pulling everyone in. Kiohai, shippo, kagome, and inuyasha had to grab onto a tree to stop themselves from just sliding on in there! Kirara just stood there, digging his paws into the ground. "What

the heck is that?!" Shouted kiohai. "I forgot to mention that miroku has a wind tunnel in his hand!" Yelled kagome. Kiohai pulled the bow from her back. For some weird reason, it slowly morphed into a huge boomerang. "What? Nothing makes sense in this time, does it?" She shouted. Kagome and inuyasha looked at her. "Is that a boomerang?!" Exclaimed inuyasha. "I don't know!" "Miroku, shut that thing off!" "Yeah! My hands are slipping!" Everyone was shouting at miroku to cover his hand, but he was still holding it out. Kirara looked at miroku. He noticed immediately that miroku was hypnotized, or possessed. Kirara let go of the ground and charged toward miroku. He ran really fast because the wind tunnel was pulling Him. Then he heard the snap of a twig.
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Please note that the line breaks are randomly in there because I was so frustrated at the dang thing that I just spammed the button... so... sorry about that!
on April 06, 2017