Short inuyasha story part 7

Short inuyasha story part 7

I just couldn't stand two weeks without writing these! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy part seven in the short inuyasha stories!

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Chapter 1.

Training is required

Kiohai, kagome, inuyasha, miroku, and shippo arrived at the village. Everyone hopped off of their ride and walked toward kaede's hut. When they got there, kaede looked shocked. "Were ye fortunate enough to find sesshomaru in a weak state?" She asked the group. "No, but we did figure out that kiohai is feisty! She just went right up to him and started trash-talking him!" Said kagome. "I told her not to, but she just kept going! Sesshomaru got angry and turned into a dragon!" Said inuyasha. Kiohai giggled nervously. She put up a peace sign. "Well, I got him to go away, didn't I?" She said.

Kaede seemed worried. "What did ye come back for?" She asked kiohai. "The rest of these guys said I needed to train." Said kiohai, shrugging. "Well, then we must start." said kaede. "Are we just gonna train in your hut?" Asked kagome. "No. We are going to the forest to train." Said kaede. "Wait. What if a demon comes by?" Asked kiohai. "Then we shall run away, or fight it." Said kaede. Kiohai glanced at everyone, worried. She looked back at kaede and nodded. "Hm! Alright! Let's go!" Kaede nodded and gave a grimace of a smile. "Follow me." Kiohai, kagome, inuyasha, miroku, and shippo followed kaede into the forest. They walked for about half an hour, going deeper and deeper into the woods. They came to a beautiful clearing with a tall tree, with sparkling leaves and glowing branches. Kiohai gasped. The tree seemed to be pulling her in. Miroku stopped her. "Careful. That tree may be dangerous." He said. Kiohai looked around and realized kaede was gone. "Kaede?" Asked kagome. "Where did you go?" Kaede answered from behind a tree. "This is your training. I shall see how you are holding up on your own. Kiohai's fists balled up for a short amount of time, but she relaxed. "Alright." She slowly came to realization. "Oh, no." She said. She turned back around, and saw that everyone had disappeared. Kaede had run off. She was really on her own! "We will watch from afar!" Shouted kaede from somewhere safe. Kiohai prepared herself for whatever was going to happen.
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