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Guide to: Pokemon GO!
Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the trend taking the world by storm, "Pokemon Go!". In this guide i will be giving advice about what you need to do and tips and tricks to advance faster.
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Impure: Official Spellbook and Guide to Magic
(This story May be used to enhance experience on the "Impure Ocs" Page.) There are many forms of magic throughout the land of Alma, though the system used to cast each and organize is very vast and complicated. Here is a spellb...
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Impure   -Character Guide-
The statuses and information of characters so far in the story. Chapters will be added along with the introduction of new characters.
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Once, long ago, three factions ruled over the nation of Alma. The Kendred, Shedan, And Morphis, each with its own god. Under the fires of an ancient war, the Morphis died off, and their god disappeared. One thousand years later...
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Johnny Brown
original creepypasta by me: this is about a boy, johnny brown, who went insane, now he resides in the shadows, kidnapping and torturing people.
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Correct pronunciations
I'm tired of people saying thing wron and I'm here to clear this stuff up.
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a funny little peopme/story i wrote when i was bored and my little brother needed a laugh, thats what bros r for :3
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Monster (2)
well, this was something i prepared for halloween, but has become something to to people who are giving you a hard time. enjoy.
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Forever with Doubt
well, this was one i wrote last year, just found the folder to it. been a while.
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Far Away
a random peom, i tend to dabble in poetry (most of my close friends dont know this)
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Forgive and Forget
A short poem about day to day heartbreaking things :-P i came up with this while bored in social studies
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Legend Walkers
this story is a short series that will have a new chapter added every week. this is the story about Jake Malorn, an young, 14 year old boy who finds himself in a world in which he and his friends have special powers. but can th...
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