Guide to: Pokemon GO!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the trend taking the world by storm, "Pokemon Go!". In this guide i will be giving advice about what you need to do and tips and tricks to advance faster.

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Guide to: Pokemon GO!
Chapter 1.
Getting Started and Catching Pokemon

Getting Started and Catching Pokemon

After you first install the app, you will need to input your date of birth dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy (Depending on region)

        You will then either have to sign in with a google account or Pokemon trainer account. after you've done this, you will be greeted by Professor Willow, who will help you get started with your account.

        After you've completed the introduction, you will be greeted by a Bulbasaur, a Squirtle, and a Charmander. You may choose only one, but if you are picky, you may reject (walk away from) the three starters 4 times, and a pikachu will appear.

        After the animal appears, click or tap on it to initiate combat. you must now fling your pokeballs (The red and whites spheres at the bottom) at the nimal, and attempt to hit them with it. the animal will be sucked ito the ball, and the ball will attempt to catch it. If the pokemon breaks free, it has a chance to run away, never to be seen again, i wil cover more on this later.

After you select and catch your starter, you may now hunt for more Pokemon. Pokemon appear randomly, and can be seen by everyone unless the pokemon was attracted by an item called an Incense.

        (See CP on details and statistics of specific pokemon)
        When you selected your starter, you may have noticed a ring around the pokemon that would progressively shrink. This indicates how likely you are to catch the pokemon based on color. The ring gradually fades to red based on what pokemon you are against, with green bieng the easiest to catch, yellow being medial, orange being hard, and red being very difficult.
        As the ring shrinks, you want to throw the ball when the circle is as small as it can get, increasing your chances of a capture. You are more likely to catch them of you get one of the following bonuses:

Curveball (+10 Xp toward your account)
spin the pokeball into your hand a bit before throwing it.

Nice! (+10 Xp toward your profile)
Hit inside the circle when it is at the largest possible Diameter

Great! (+50 xp toward your profile)
Hit inside the circle at about hafway in diameter

Excellent! (+100 xp toward your profile)
Hit inside the circle when it is at the smallest diameter

Certain items will make capture easier, such as higher-grade Pokeballs, and Razz berries, which soothe pokemon so they wont run away for one capture attempt
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